Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Vegeratian restaurants in Arnhem

Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Looking for a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Arnhem? We have listed the 13 best options for you. We currently have 4 vegetarian restaurants that we know of (if we’re wrong, please let us know), 1 vegan restaurant. The other restaurants on the list serve plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes in addition to food for meat eaters. So plenty to choose from!

55Degrees – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Restaurant 55Degrees is new in Arnhem. We recently visited the restaurant. After looking around a bit, we curiously take a look at the menu. We have never seen this new concept before: a six-course menu that you can choose yourself. There are two options for each course on the menu. You make a choice for all courses and give the menu to the waiter. You can ask for the vegetarian menu here, and there are also some vegetarian options on the standard menu.

55Degrees website
55Degrees menu

55Degrees Instagram
Photos by ArnhemLife

55degrees Arnhem
55degrees Arnhem
restaurant 55degrees Arnhem
restaurant 55degrees Arnhem

Every Sushi Restaurant in Arnhem – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Sushi. The “hype” did not skip Arnhem either. A few years ago sushi restaurants popped up all over the city. In the Netherlands, the sushi concept usually means “all you can eat”, but that does not mean that you only have to eat unlimited sashimi! The vegetarian options on the menus are pretty good. From miso soup, sushi with sweet omelette or avocado, fried curry rice, seaweed salad to fried kimchi gyoza: it’s all delicious!

Top 3 in Arnhem:
Sushi Koi – Gele Rijdersplein 2
XuXi – Nieuwstad 16
SUMO– Jansplein 52B

Vega Restaurants in Arnhem

Momento – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Momento can be found in the Rozet building. The restaurant on the ground floor offers a good selection of vegetarian meals, about half of the dishes are vegetarian. How about roasted beetroot with horseradish curd or a taste of turnip?
Don’t forget to order a delicious dessert, at Momento almost all desserts are vegetarian. Another advantage: you can return several times for a completely different menu, because there are more than enough dishes to taste. Well done Momento!

Momento website
Momento menu 

Photo from the Momento Instagram page

Momento Arnhem

VILLA BLØFF – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Just outside the center, towards Oosterbeek, you can sit down at Villa Bløff for delicious vegetarian satay or a Shakshuka. The Tom kha kai is also delicious! At this cozy restaurant you can also sit on the terrace, and the kids don’t have to be bored either, because a beautiful playground has been made for them. Villa Bløff is also suitable for business meetings, if you are looking for a location.

Villa Bløff website
Villa Bløff menu
Photos by ArnhemLife

Villa Bløff: Iedereen is Welkom
Villa Bløff: Iedereen is Welkom
Villa Bløff Arnhem
Villa Bløff Arnhem

Rasasari – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

The place I regularly go to and always order the same vegetarian menu is Rasasari. The Indonesian food is delicious here! Would you like to try it? Then order the vegetarian meal “Gado Gado”. You get a large plate full of white rice, mihun or lontong, beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber and peanut sauce, one egg and one soy product and krupuk. You will not be hungry after you have cleared your plate and it costs under € 15,-. Not only the dish “Gado Gado” are vegetarian, but all dishes on the menu can also be made vegetarian.
This Indonesian restaurant is also a Toko (Indonesian for “shop”) and it was one of the first Tokos opened in the Netherlands. This means that the Indonesian store has existed for more than 50 years
You will find restaurant Rasasari and the Toko on island 08 in the “7 Streets”.

Rasasari website
Rasasari menu
Rasasari Instagram 

Vega Restaurants in Arnhem
Rassasari Arnhem

More vega/vegan restaurants below this text…

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Stan & Co – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Stan & Co is a real hotspot in Arnhem. Located on Willemsplein, this is a location that you should not miss. On nice days, the sun fills the terrace and a stream of people takes over the outdoor area. The beautiful interior and the friendly staff make Stan & Co a busy location at all hours of the day.
They offer an extensive menu with a nice variety of vegetarian dishes. Have you ever tried a plant-based ‘kapsalen’? It’s possible at Stan & Co! Make sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment from a fully booked restaurant.

Stan&Co website
Stan&Co menu 
Photo by ArnhemLife
Stan&Co bun

‘T Volk – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

At ‘T Volk you can dine as long as and as much as you want. And that for a fixed price.

You can order one dish per person per course. The number of courses is unlimited. To conclude your dinner, you can choose from one dessert per person.

Hmm, we get it. A kind of ‘all you can eat’, but a bit more upscale, and, with lots of vegetarian options too!

‘T Volk website
‘T Volk menu
‘T Volk Instagram 

Lekker eten in Arnhem bij ‘t Volk
Lekker eten in Arnhem bij ‘t Volk


Stroom has been open since 2018 and is dedicated to serving healthy dishes. The super fresh ingredients come from local farmers and are prepared by people with a passion for food. Moreover, they are aware of the food waste problem in our society and they try to minimize this as much as possible in their own restaurant. If you’re short on time, order online or stop by to buy drinks and meals to take home.

Stroom Website

Stroom Facebook
Stroom: Order online/ menu

Photo is taken from the STROOM Instagram page

Vega Restaurants in Arnhem

Café Bosch – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Old / new Café Bosch is open again! The renovated cafe has new owners and a fresh coat of paint. The terrace looks really inviting! We have eaten here a few times now and the food is always very tasty.

With a menu of only vegetarian and vegan options, this bar/restaurant has earned a spot in our vegetarian restaurant blog. Oh, and there are also regular cultural events and dance parties, so check the website if you’re looking for a fun outing.

Café Bosch Facebook
Café Bosch Instagram

‘T Eetatelier – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

‘T Eetatelier is an organic and vegetarian restaurant that was born out of love for good, pure food with the desire to show people that vegetarian food can also be full of flavor.

They put this into practice by using delicious fresh vegetables and dairy products from their organic suppliers. The whole range of juices, wines and beers is also all organic. They make everything themselves, from delicious cakes to Indian spice mixes, soups and sauces. ‘T Eetatelier has opted for the purest possible preparation so they do not use a used microwave or other appliances.
Every day the menu changes and you can choose between two main courses. Always one Italian dish and the second is Indian, Pakistani or Afghan, but sometimes even South American, Iranian or Moroccan. Sounds inviting! A well-deserved number three on our list of vegetarian restaurants in Arnhem for ‘t Eetatelier. You can find them at Nieuwstad 66, near the Musis parking garage and the Musis park.

‘T Eetatelier Website
‘T Eetatelier menu
Photo taken from the ‘T Eetatelier’s Facebook page

Vega Restaurants in Arnhem
'T Eetatelier Arnhem

Enig Alternatief – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Enig Alternatief started more than 25 years ago and is still going strong. Every week you will find a new menu online, so check the online website before you visit Enig Alternatief because they serve one dish a day. All choices on the menu sound good. How about curry eggs in coconut sauce, mung beans and spicy carrot with cashew nuts and melon served with white basmati rice and a green salad. Where can we join?

Enig Alternatief website
Enig Alternatief menu
Photo taken from the Enig Alternatief Facebook page

Vega Restaurants in Arnhem
Enig Alternatief Arnhem

Studio Konijnenvoer – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Studio Konijnenvoer food continues to innovate! She has already opened eateries with different concepts at several locations. In 2021 they won an award for best vegan restaurant in the Netherlands and will once again open the restaurant on June 17, 2022 at a new location, in the beautiful building of De Groen collection in Weverstraat. We are counting down and can’t wait to try the new dishes from the menu.

Konijnvoer Facebook
Konijnvoer Instagram
Photos by ArnhemLife

Studio Konijnenvoer Arnhem
Studio Konijnenvoer Arnhem
Studio Konijnenvoer Arnhem
Studio Konijnenvoer Arnhem

One more vegan/vegan lunchroom below this text…

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First Eet – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Arnhem

Will you visit the large market in Arnhem on Friday or Saturday? Then stop for a nice lunch at First Eet. The dishes on the menu are 90% vegan and 10% vegetarian. Always looking for new combinations for fresh juices, salads with bite, rich sandwiches and sweet temptations. Our tradition is that we sit down for a great lunch at Easter, and we actually look forward to that every year.

First Eet website
First Eet Instagram

First Eet Arnhem
First Eet Arnhem
First Eet Arnhem
First Eet Arnhem

As you can see there is still plenty to choose from!
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