Highlights of Arnhem Walking Route ENGLISH

Highlights of Arnhem Walking Route ENGLISH


Highlights of Arnhem Walking route without a guide

Discover the bustling heart of Arnhem in a unique way with the Highlights of Arnhem route. Our 5-kilometer walking tour takes you through the historic center of this beautiful city.

Armed with your phone, experience the rich history, modern charm and hidden gems of Arnhem. An interactive and immersive experience that you can enjoy on your own, without a tourguide.

The Highlights of Arnhem route is more than just a walk. Explore the city at your own pace, follow the simple instructions and be surprised by interesting fun facts about the city. Order your route today and discover Arnhem in a unique and educational way.

ArnhemLife guarantees an unforgettable city walk through Arnhem.

Along the way you will learn more about:


Discover Arnhem’s cultural treasure trove in the unique Rozet building. Full of art, knowledge and creativity. Experience inspiring exhibitions, workshops and more. A must-visit for every culture lover!

A Hollywood legend

Which timeless Oscar winner lived in Arnhem, and what was she doing here? Discover the footsteps of an iconic Hollywood legend.

The Eusebius Church

Enter the majestic Eusebius Church, a masterpiece of architecture and history. Admire the imposing tower and visit the glass balconies at a height of 60 meters (tickets not included, visit is free with a ‘Museum card’).

The Battle Arnhem

Learn about the heroic Battle of Arnhem, a pivotal chapter in history. Follow in the footsteps of brave soldiers and learn of their determination in an epic battle for freedom.

Het Duivelshuis (The Devilshouse)

Discover the mysterious Duivelshuis in Arnhem, an ancient building shrouded in legend and intrigue. Be enchanted by the fascinating history and architecture of this iconic landmark.

De Sabelspoort (The Sabergate)

Admire the only remaining old city gate of Arnhem – the Sabelspoort. A journey back in time to the Middle Ages, surrounded by history and unique architecture. A must-see when you visit Arnhem!

And much more….

How does it work?

You can purchase the Highlights of Arnhem route, or one of our other walking routes in Arnhem, via our webshop. When the payment has been completed, you will see the page with an explanation and a link to the web app. NOTE: This link is valid for a maximum of 15 days after purchase.

This web app is very easy to operate with your phone.

The route is described in the text, but if you do not know where you are, you can open the route on the map with the ‘where am I’ button.

Take note: you do need an internet connection to operate the webapp.

In the ‘more information’ button you can read additional information about the place where you are

Via the ‘let’s go to the next page’ you go to the next page and continue the route.

Have fun exploring Arnhem!

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