Walking tours

Walking Tours in Arnhem

On foot, there is much to discover in Arnhem. The center with its old and new buildings, an interesting history, the Battle of Arnhem and many cosy restaurants.

Take a look at our guided city walks and explore Arnhem with one of our local guides.

Highlights of Arnhem     Walking Tour

€17,50 p.p.

During the 2,5h Highlights of Arnhem city walk, a guide will show you the most important locations a tourist should have visited in Arnhem.

    Street-art        Walking Tour

€17,50 p.p.

Come on a 2,5h fascinating guided city tour where you will be led along beautiful murals in the Arnhem.

   Battle of Arnhem        Walking Tour

€22,50 p.p.

During the 2,5h Battle of Arnhem City Walk, a skilled local guide will lead you to the most important locations of the battle of Arnhem.

   Walking Dinner        Walking Tour

€69,95 p.p.

We’ve selected 3 cozy restaurants where you can enjoy a beautiful dinner. After the starter, our guide will…

Coffeeshop      Walking Tour

€17,50 p.p.

Curious about drug use in The Netherlands? What’s allowed and what is not? Our guide will tell you all about it.

Pub Crawl Arnhem  Walking Tour

€47,50 p.p.

Who doesn’t like a Pub Crawl!? Arnhem has many cozy bars. During the Pub Crawl, you and a guide will visit 5 of them.

Audrey Hepburn Footsteps in Arnhem

€17,50 p.p.

Interested in visiting the locations of where Audrey lived and where she found her love for dancing? Book the Audrey Hepburn Footsteps in Arnhem Tour.

Arnhem In 4 or 6 Hours   Walking Tour

From €69,96 p.p.

In 4 or 6 hours you’ll get to know the city like a local does. Visit some highlights, enjoy a lovely lunch or high tea and end at a museum or the zoo. We’ll arrange 6 hours in Arnhem you won’t forget!

Let Us Surprise You  Walking Tour

Price will vary depending on group size, contact us for the options. Sometimes it’s nice to just let go. Based on your interests and timetable we’ll create a fun day in Arnhem for you.

Or a Tailored Tour

In the past we’ve arranged dinners, music performances, custom-made bus tours in and outside Arnhem: anything you need, we can arrange it for you! It is possible to include a Dutch high tea, an escape room experience, a walking dinner or the cemetery in Oosterbeek. Furthermore, we are open to new ideas – just tell us and we will arrange it.

Even multiple days stay in The Netherlands is no problem for us. We will listen to your demands and create an event or holiday to tailor fit your needs.

The following are walking and bus tours of ArnhemLife: