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How did we get started?

The lack of English information about Arnhem bothered founder Petra Dielman so much that she decided in 2015 to start a blog with information about Arnhem from a local point of view.
A year later, the international art event Sonsbeek’16 transACTION was organized in Sonsbeek park. As a result, many beautiful murals appeared in the city. They are beautiful and we wanted as many people as possible to see them. This is how our first tour was born. This ‘Street Art Tour’ is, next to the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ and ‘Highlights of Arnhem’, still one of our most popular tours.

Since then, other murals have been added to the walls in the city, making our mural city walk ever changing and always interesting.

Our passion is to share information for people who are interested in Arnhem: expats, tourists, students and residents. The way we like to share this information the most is through city tours and blogs.

The tours we offer are very suitable for corporate events, schools, friends or family gatherings.
We can tailor any tour to meet your needs. For example, a client wanted a bus tour in Arnhem for his group of 100 people, so we made one for him.

Do you want us to add your bar / restaurant / museum / hotel / shop to the website or do you have an upcoming event? Let us know at info@arnhemlife.nl and we will contact you.

About ArnhemLife Petra Dielman


Hello, my name is Petra Dielman, founder of ArnhemLife. If you book a tour or have a question, I will probably answer you. I love taking care of people and striving for the best customer service possible. I’m proud of the reviews we’ve collected over the years and hope you’ll leave one after booking one of our tours!

I am an Airbnb host, a member of the street names committee in Arnhem and I like to visit other cities to photograph the most beautiful places.
I’m also an ArnhemLife guide. My specialty really comes forward during a Street Art Tour. I also know many fun facts and tidbits about Arnhem that I would like to share with you.

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