Street Art Walking Route Arnhem

Street Art Walking Route Arnhem


Explore Arnhem when it suits you! Download the Street Art route in Arnhem here and (re) discover the city!

Street Art Walking Route Arnhem

Explore the artistic soul of Arnhem with our unique Murals / Street Art route. Venture out downtown and let your phone be your guide to the hidden treasures of street art. With an exciting 5-kilometer walk ahead, you will be immersed in a vibrant world of color and creativity.

Discover breathtaking murals and graffiti, each with a unique story and personality. Be inspired by various artists who give the city a creative and lively appearance. This interactive route allows you to explore at your own pace and provides fascinating information and fun facts about the artworks you see along the way.

So grab your phone and go on an adventure through the streets of Arnhem, where every turn has a surprise in store. Order your route today via our webshop and let the magic of street art enchant you while you discover the heart of the city! An experience not to be missed for any art lover and adventurer.

ArnhemLife guarantees an unforgettable city walk through Arnhem

Along the way you will see work by:

Dopie is a talented Dutch street art artist, known for his colorful and playful style. His artwork can be found in cities all over the world and inspire many admirers. He collaborates extensively with EsOne and you will see some of the men’s works along the way.

Sivanski is an internationally recognized street art artist from the Netherlands. His work combines abstract elements with detailed portraits, creating striking and intriguing works of art that stimulate the imagination.

De Strakke Hand
You can now find 5 different murals by artists collective De Strakke Hand in Arnhem. Along the way on this route you will encounter 3. The artworks are a gift to Arnhem, given by Museum Arnhem for their 100th anniversary. The original works that De Strakke Hand made on the walls in Arnhem can be seen in this museum at Utrechtseweg 87.

Sonsbeek Tentoonstelling “TransAction”
Along the way you will also come across works from the Sonsbeek Exhibition “TransAction” from 2016. This is the reason why we started our city walks: we are fond of street art ourselves and really enjoy showing these works to other people . After all, you just have to find them!

You will also learn fun facts and tidbits about the city and you will get to places you wouldn’t get to without this route!

How does it work?

You can purchase the Street Art in Arnhem route, or one of our other walking routes in Arnhem, via our webshop. When the payment is complete, you will receive an email with a link to the web app. NOTE: This link is valid for a maximum of 15 days after purchase.

This web app is very easy to operate with your phone.

The route is described in the text, but if you do not know where you are, you can open the route on the map with the ‘where am I’ button.

Take note: you do need an internet connection to operate the webapp.

In the ‘more information’ button you can read additional information about the place where you are.

Via the ‘let’s go to the next page’ you go to the next page and continue the route.

Have Fun Exploring Arnhem!

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