Local Market in Arnhem

Local Market in Arnhem

It’s always nice to visit a local food market. One of my favourite things to do is head over to the city centre on Saturday morning and buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. On more than one occasion I (almost) buy more than I can carry home. Most of the times this has to do with a watermelon (they are so heavy!).

In this blog, I’ll tell you where you can find these local markets in Arnhem and I’ll also tell you about the special markets that we have here like the Sonsbeek Markt or the Hommelse Markt.

Weekly Food Market in Arnhem

The biggest weekly food market in Arnhem can be found every Friday (200 stands) and Saturday (100 stands) at the Markt (before this was at the Kerkplein). The markets differ a little between the two days. There are many stalls with fruits and vegetables on both days but only on Friday there are also fabric and clothes stalls, plants, shoes and candy stands.
Not only can you buy fruit and veggies, at the market you will also find stalls that sell flowers, cheeses, bread, egg, fish and a few stalls only sell organic products.
*TIP* You can get a great bargain when you buy your things at the end of the (market) day. Products may have small damages or will expire over the weekend. The stall owner want’s to get rid of these products and that’s in your advantage!*

Opening hours:
Friday: 08:30 to 13:00
Saturday: 08:30 to 17:00

Everly last Saturday of the month, between 10:00 and 17:00 (May till October) there is also an art market near the Eusebius Church.

Tuesday’s you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the small market, located at the Jansplaats between 08:30 and 15:00

The Market in Arnhem At Its Original Place

At the end of this year (2016) the market will return to its original place: De Markt. This because Kerkplein will be no longer available. Soon the build will start for the new FOCUS arthouse/cinema and the big square as we know it will be no more.

People have been visiting weekly markets for years and years. This dates back to the time when there were hardly any shops available. Trading of goods happened on the street, on this very location for many centuries.

Below, the transformation of the Eusebius Church between 2017 and 2019.

The clear view of the church is now blocked by cinema ‘Focus’.


Every last Sunday of the month between 11:00 and 17:00, head on over to Sonsbeek Park and stroll along the stalls at the SonsbeekMarkt. This market is like a street fair, food truck festival and musical event all in one! The food is organic and most products are made by local or small businesses. Take a look here for the SonsbeekMarkt dates.


Every year at Ascension Day you can go to the Hommelsemarkt at the St Marten/Sonsbeekkwartier area. This 2k street market is a tradition for many people who live in and around Arnhem. About 50.000 people visit the market every year. The trick is to get there as early as you can. This means getting up early on your day off, but it’s a good excuse to grab breakfast and coffee at one of the lunchrooms in the area.

Kingsday Market

Kingsday in The Netherlands: Dressing up in orange raises no eyebrows and having a hangover from the night before (Kingsnight!). There are small and big markets all over town. Kids and grown-ups can rent a stall and get rid of some clutter that builds up over the last years. Buyers can get a great deal on whatever because most people don’t want to bring any of their old stuff back home.

Like at the Hommelsemarkt, you need to get there early, so you will have some space to walk and get your hands on the best items out there. The Kingsday date is on April 27th. This changed a few years ago as we changed from a Queen to a King. Queensday was always at April 30th and that is what older travel guide books say. This makes for sad tourists who arrive all dressed up in orange on April 29/30.

Photos below: Kingsday Arnhem.

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