New War Museum in Arnhem ‘Out of Ammo’

Verzetsmuseum Arnhem

New War Museum in Arnhem ‘Out of Ammo’

A new museum has recently opened in Arnhem called ‘Out of Ammo’. You may have missed this because the museum about the occupation of Arnhem during ww2 that can be found in the Walburgiskerk has quietly opened. The real opening will take place on September 1st, but now you can already visit this beautiful museum.

We took a sneak peek.

Museum Walburgiskerk Arnhem

Learning about the Battle of Arnhem

Those who visit Arnhem and want to know more about the city will also learn about the Battle of Arnhem. The John Frost Bridge attracts many visitors every year, tourists from, for example, America and England come to Arnhem especially to visit places where heavy fighting took place in September 1944. Out of interest or perhaps because a family member fought here in Arnhem or the surrounding area and had lost their lives here.

Arnhem was occupied for five years during WW2. People sometimes ‘forget’ this because not much changed in the lives of the Arnhemmers during that time. Yes, there were some German soldiers here and there, but life also went on ‘as normal as possibele’ until the British arrived on September 17, 1944. The residents of Arnhem and the surrounding villages suddenly saw British soldiers walking through the streets and fighting started with the German soldiers. That’s when the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ started…

Museum Walburgiskerk Arnhem
Museum Walburgiskerk Arnhem

Pop-up museum in the Walburgischurch

The museum in the Walburgis Church is a ‘pop-up’ museum, the intention is that it will remain at this location for about 5 years. The pieces that can be found in the church come from the collection of another museum, namely the ‘Arnhem War Museum ’40-’45’, which can be found on the Kemperbergerweg on the edge of Arnhem.

When you step into the Walburgischurch, you will immediately be amazed: you will see three parachutes hang from the high ceiling of the church. The parachutes are really huge! It must have been no easy task to attach them and make them look so beautiful. Many photos can be seen, taken before, during or after the war. Photos of the Rhine Bridge shattered and the city center with a few landmarks here and there in the form of churches of which a fraction is still standing. A drawing image, an image that still hurts a bit to look at, my beloved city so in ruins.

Museum Walburgiskerk Arnhem
Nieuw Oorlogsmuseum Arnhem 'Out of Ammo'

Life in Arnhem during the occupation

There are also various exhibits on which a picture is sketched of life in Arnhem during the occupation. A cafe where people drink a cup of coffee, people from the resistance perhaps make nefarious plans? Quietly and carefully though, because a German soldier can pass at any thime!

Just about every object in the museum is original: the uniforms, army vehicles, weapons… Even old biscuit tins. The British, of course, couldn’t go to war without tea and a biscuit. There is also a nice large photo of the John Frost Bridge, a scene that many visitors will probably be familiar with from the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’.

It is fantastic and clear to see that this museum has been put together by people with a passion for ww2/the occupation of Arnhem and enything concerning the subject. The care to display the attributes such as vehicles and clothing as authentically as possible is a feast for the eyes.

Verzetsmuseum Arnhem

Visit the ‘Out of Ammo’ museum yourself!

The ‘Out of Ammo’ museum about the occupation of Arnhem can be found in the Walburgiskerk (Sint Walburgisplein 1).

Opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 4 pm
Price 10 Euro adults
Price 8 Euro children up to 12 years and 65+

Follow the museum via their Facebook page or email for more info to

Permanently closed

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