Parking in Arnhem

Parking in Arnhem

In this blog, you’ll find all you need to know about parking in Arnhem, where it is for free and where it is most expensive. At some places parking at night is free or only costs 50ct per hour.
You can also read about how to get a parking permit and how much a parking ticket sets you back.

Free parking in Arnhem

There are not many places in the city center where there is free parking in Arnhem -not during the day at least. Most parking spots are paid or reserved for people who live in the neighborhood. You have to pay good attention to the signs to see where you are allowed to park. 

On Sunday morning and at night you can park for free almost everywhere. You can easily find out when and where there is free parking in Arnhem when you take a look at this website. This is also where I found the content for this blog.
The colors on the map will shop you what it costs to park somewhere. Green being for free, yellow: it is not expensive to park and orange and red indicates that it is expensive to park there.

Next to the Sonsbeek Park, along the Apeldoornseweg is always free parking. On a nice day it can be hard to find a free spot, so keep this in mind.

Parking at Rijnstate Hospital

Parking at Rijnstate Hospital is sort of cheap. It costs €1,50 per hour. A whole day costs €6 euro and a week tickets costs €18. So when you plan to spend a day in Arnhem, or longer this might be a good option for you. A bus ticket into town costs €1,50 and being that the parking per hour in Arnhem Center can get up to €3,33 per hour. So taking a short bus ride is a money saver!

Paid parking, not so expensive.

The yellow color on the map indicates that the parking at these locations is not too expensive. Between 09:00 am and 11:00 pm you will pay €1,75 per hour. This is mostly the case near the Rhine at the Lombok area and in the Spijkerkwartier and Sint Marten area. These parking spots are all located outside, on the side of the road.

Parking in Arnhem, a bit more expensive.

The orange color on the map shows you where it is more expensive to park your car in Arnhem. There are mostly parking lots and parking garages. The locations that are shown in the pictures below that have a light orange color are less expensive than the dark orange ones.

Paring at night at one of the parking garages does not have to be expensive. The hourly rate drops after 6pm to only 50ct per hour. That’s not bad, right?

More expensive parking spot in Arnhem

When you don’t mind spending a little extra, you can park your car at one of these parking garages. They are located right at the city center so the location is perfect!

The red area shows you where it is expensive to park along the roadside. Again, make sure you park at the right spot. A parking ticket costs €60 euro (up to €360!). This could be when you park at a spot that is meant for people who live in the area and have a parking permit.

Parking at the Broerenstaat is most expensive

The most expensive place to park in Arnhem is at the Broerenstraat parking garage. It will set you back €3,33 per hour! You can drive in and out 24/7 and that is not always the case at the other parking garages. Before you enter a parking garage, make sure it is still open when you want to leave. You can always find a sign with the opening hours at the entrance of the parking garage.

**Parking permits**

When you live in or near the center of Arnhem you might need a parking permit. There are two kinds you can apply for:
-A permit for occupants.
-A permit for visitors of occupants.

Parking permits for occupant

Applying for an occupants parking permit needs to be done online. Can you check one of these boxes, then you can apply for one:
-You are enrolled in one of the following neighborhoods: Downtown ( between singles and Rijnkade ) Bergstraat Quarter, Transvaalbuurt, Spijkerkwartier, Railway Corner, St. Marten, Mayor Quarter, Heijenoord and Van Verschuer Square.
-The registration certificate of the car is in your name. You have a lease car, and you can demonstrate this with the lease contract or a statement from your employer.
-You have no on-site parking.
-An independent house is provided one parking permit, even though there are several persons registered at the same address.
In Burgemeesterswijk, Heijenoord and in the Transvaal neighborhood can be given two permits per address.

The cost of a permit

€138,00 per year
€ 82,00 per 6 months
€ 10,70 changing of a vehicle registration

Changing data

If you move or change the vehicle registration, you must do this at the desk of the parking company. The parking company is located at the Rozet garage at the Langstraat 10 in Arnhem. When you change the vehicle registration, take your vehicle registration document or a lease with you so you can prove that it is your car. A change of address can also pass through There will then be reassessed whether you satisfy the conditions for obtaining the license.

Waiting list

In some neighborhoods, there is a waiting list. That is because of the limited number of parking spaces. It may be that you have a parking right but you do not get awarded the license because there is no place. There is (unfortunately) nothing to do but wait until a spot opens up.

Parking permits for visitors of an occupant

Applying for visitors to occupants parking permit also needs to be done online.

Do you live in a neighborhood where you have to pay for parking? Then you can apply for a parking for visitors. With a visitor’s permit residents of the city can offer their visitors free parking at a parking meter or parking garage near the house.


To get a visitor’s permit you must live in one of the following areas:
Center ( 26001 Zone )
Heijenoord (zone 26021 )
Burgemeesterswijk (zones 26031 and 26033 )
Transvaalbuurt (zone 26041 )
Of Verschuer Square (zone 26082 )
Per address will be provided only one visitor permit.


A visitor’s permit costs € 20 per year.
A visitor’s permit runs from March 1st to March 1st. You get 300 parking hours. You get 200 hours for the Van Verschuer Square.
You can not buy more hours!
Should you have hours left on March 1st, they will expire. You will start the new parking year with 200/300 hours.

How does it work? Arnhem has digital parking for visitors. Both online and by phone you can subscribe and unsubscribe visitors.

Forward Relocation

If you move, you need to pass the new address to the front desk of the parking company. The parking company is located at the Rozet garage at the Langstraat 10 in Arnhem. A change of address can also pass through There will then be reassessed whether you satisfy the conditions for obtaining the license.

We hope to have informed you well!

Did you know that the most expensive place to park is at the Broerenstraat parking garage (€3,33 per hour)? Find out all you need to know about parking fees and permits in Arnhem here.

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