5 reasons to study in Arnhem

5 Reasons to study in Arnhem

As an international student, I have done my research before finally deciding to study Arnhem. After studying here for approximately 1.5 years, I must say there are no regrets! Considering to study in Arnhem? Here are five reasons why you should study in Arnhem by an Arnhem student:

1. Home to diversities

Leaving your home country and afraid of feeling excluded? No problem! Herein Arnhem, you will often meet international students and are very welcoming to one another. Some international students even established their own communities related to their home countries. As an example; inHogeschool Van Arnhem en Nijmegen, it has a community for the Vietnamese students and the PPI (Indonesian student community) for Indonesians. So don’t be afraid to blend in, you’re not alone!

2. Easy access and affordable

In Arnhem, the Centrum is nearby from every corner, and if you’re too lazy to go to the city? Worry no more! Because there are several “winkel centrums” (shopping malls)spread throughout the city, including Winkelcentrum Presikhaaf,Winkelcentrum Elderhof, and Winkelcentrum Kronenburg.

The shop’s ranges from student-friendly prices to normal prices, so you can make your own choice depending whichever is more comfortable for you.

The price for renting rooms is also affordable. Starting from +/ €250, you would be able to rent a decent room as a student. A good place to look for a room before heading to Arnhem is the “Kamermarkt page” on Facebook.

3. Cafes everywhere!

There are many hidden cafes spread throughout the city, especially in the centrum. You have a wide range of options to pick a favorite place to hang out with your friends. They also provide a nice atmosphere for you to study.

My recommendation would be Mam’sStella by StarlightCafé ArnhemRose’sand Café Vrijdag. Specifically for studying, I would recommend Mam’s andRose’s because they provide the right space for studying and good vibes too!
During exam weeks, you will be able to notice so many HAN students at Mam’s because it’s an alternative for a studying spot and perhaps you’ll find me there sometime also :).

*Mam’s pics by Vera Modderkolk

4. The Bibliotheek (Library)

My personal favorite is the public library in the Rozet building! The 5 stories building will offer you major comfort for your studying session. It has a café in the bottom floor (Momento) and you can easily explore the building with the main stairs that are visible from the entrance. Not only can you find various books and services, but there are also several spaces that you can sit on while charging your laptop and start studying in peace.

You can also find many interesting sculptures, drawings, and any other displays shown, kind of like a mini-museum on the -1 floor as well. The public library is located in the heart of the Arnhem Centrum, therefore, after your studying session, you can refresh your mind in the nearest cafes or shopping in your favorite spots! And the best part? They have an indoor slide in the library! You can also slide down the stairs, it’s actually allowed. Will you give it a go?

5. Small town Arnhem

Everything is very close by in Arnhem. This not so crowded city will give you a sense of relaxing atmosphere to focus on your studies. However, the access to the nearest hang out spots is also not too far! As what mentioned before, the cafes are spread throughout the city, and the entertainment section such as the Arnhem nightlife in Korenmarkt, and the Pathé cinema is walking distance to the central station. Looking for something new? You can also head to the Burgers’ Zoo by taking a direct bus from the central station.
Other “must see” places in Arnhem are the Open-air Museum, the Modern Art Museum, the John Frost Bridgethe Veluwe and of course Park Sonsbeek and Park Zypendaal.

So, did I convince you to come and study in Arnhem?

Looking for more in-depth reasons to study in Arnhem? Get in touch with me: annisakania29@gmail.com

*Pictures by Annisa Kania and Petra Dielman.

Thinking about studying in Arnhem? Here are 5 reasons why you should!

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