Top 10 Airbnb’s in Arnhem

Top 10 Airbnb’s in Arnhem

I’m sure by now everybody heard or read something about Airbnb. You can rent a house or apartment anywhere in the world in any price range you desire. Although a huge villa might still be costly, it’s also a great way to travel on a budget. For about €30 you will find a bed in a comfortable house. The idea behind Airbnb is that you stay at the home of a local. You can often use the kitchen and the host (owner) may even serve as a tour guide. They will be able to tell you about nice restaurants, bars or interesting sightseeing spots that you would never have come across on your own. In the following are the Top 10 Airbnb’s in Arnhem for you.

Many Airbnb’s in Arnhem

In the Arnhem area, there are many Airbnb’s available. From cute tiny apartments in the city center to amazing houseboats on the Rhine or homes on the border of the Veluwe: there is something out there for everyone! So when you are looking for a place to stay in Arnhem, or want to find a home for family or friends visiting you? Take a look at the list below and be surprised by the diversity Airbnb in Arnhem has to offer!

We selected the 10 most beautiful, interesting ones with a stunning view, fabulous interior or a top location Airbnb’s that are currently available in or near Arnhem. The price that we mention is the current price per night, this may vary over time/season. Also not included are the cleaning fee and the Airbnb fee.

10. Cozy room with balcony

You can say at the Airbnb of Cees for €33 per night. Cees (73 y/o) loves to host people and has 70+ reviews! His Airbnb “Sfeervolle kamer met balkon” might not the most special of the Airbnb’s in Arnhem on our list but it does look so inviting! Cees about the house: ”It was built in 1897 in a so-called eclectic style. We try to conserve and restore that style. Our house is like our castle in a way, but we like to share it with friends and guests because it is so comfortable.”

9. Sealiberty Bed & Breakfast

Jeroen’s is a very special one of Airbnb’s in Arnhem. Experience the typical Dutch lifestyle on a houseboat. He rents out his houseboat for €69 per night. The “Orion-3” dates back to 1910 and was rebuilt 15 years ago from the bottom to the top. The ship is 31 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and consists of two floors. The spacious bedrooms are over the entire length and on both sides, you’ll find large sliding side doors.
Beginning in 2016, the bedrooms and associated bathrooms were completely renovated and equipped. Take a look at Jeroen’s Airbnb listing “Sealiberty Bed & Breakfast” and fall in love with this cute red boat.

8. City Apartment Walstraat 3

We chose Esther’s Airbnb “City Apartment Walstraat 3” (€100 per night) based on it’s location. Many times I’ve passed this location or stopped for some frites at Ratelbands Haphoek and always did I wander what the upstairs apartments would look like. Well, now I know! The pictures of the apartment look great but I have to include that the reviews say something else. You can check the listing yourself. There is always time to turn those 3 out of 5 stars into 4 or even 5 out of 5 stars with some good old cleaning, updates and *may I suggest* a serious price cut. (price per night + €25 cleaning fee and €19 airbnb fee counts up to €144 for 1 person/1 night!).

7. Modern huis-Rand centrum-Kidsproof

When you are looking for a child-friendly location Lisette and Abner’s (and their 2 girls) home is definitely the place to be! Their Airbnb “Modern huis-Rand centrum-Kidsproof” is located at the heart of the St. Marten area and costs €125 per night. This is the price for 1 to 4 people and the minimum stay is 2 days. So, that would be only €40 per night per person. Not bad for such a beautiful large home. “Our house was part of an area project. This meant that all kinds of rental properties in the street instead of demolished were sold and renovated. In a few months, we rebuild the ramshackle top and ground into our new home. An exciting project, because ultimately 1 meter original wall remain (and the outside walls, of course). With great pleasure, we now live in this old-new home.”

6. Spacious Monumental House Nearby Arnhem & Veluwe

Marron’s 1913 home is so beautiful! She and her husband Gerben transformed the old house into a modern home without losing it’s old feel. Quite an achievement! The perfect 5 star review score shows that Marron and her family are perfect hosts. The huge house is perfect for groups up to 6 people. The cost for 1 person or 6 is the same. So € 220 might be a little expensive (but worth it!) for 1 person, for 6 persons you only have to pay about €44 per night. What a steal! The “Spacious monumental house nearby Arnhem & Veluwe” also kept some historical segments. In the cellar you can read words that were placed there during WW2. They were painted to give courage and express hope during the war. In the basement people sheltered during bombings and after the war NSB-members that supported the ‘enemy’ during the war were held prisoner here.

5. Monumentale Villa van 1860

With 80+ reviews, Wieneke’s Airbnb “Monumentale villa van 1860” is one of the most popular ones in Arnhem. Just a 4 minute walk for the central railway station and Park Sonsbeek it’s location is perfect. I’m sure the €47 per night also help Wieneke get booking all the time. She also offers a good week- and month discount so the place is suited for a long term stay.

4. De Resident

Not only is this Airbnb nicely decorated, it also had the best views and rooftop terrace of Arnhem. “De Resident” costs about €79 per night. For this kind of a place it’s a good price I think but the €50 cleaning fee might be a little on the high end. The listing by Frank is new to Airbnb and only has 1 review sofar but i’m sure many will follow soon. Can you picture yourself on that rooftop terrace, drinking some good wine, perhaps set up a grill, soak up some sun.. When you plan to do this, please invite me too! 🙂

3. Designstudio in National Monument

This modern light private studio, in a beautiful old restored school building had to make the list. Host Cecsa currently even is a superhost! You can become one by having a 80% 5 star rating (amongst a few other things) and it’s not easy to receive that and then keep the status. The Airbnb has a 120m2 private studio is beautifully decorated, very light and has quiet spaces. You will also find a terrace and big garden, with private parking space, emphasis on design. The “Designstudio in national monument” cost €120 per night.

2. Nature and Silence in Gipsy Wagon

Nienke en Wilco’s Airbnb “Nature and silence in gipsy wagon” is for people who really want to try something different. Don’t mind to shower and use the bathroom in a separate building and are you looking for nature and quiet? You will have to look no further. Just outside of Arnhem in Schaarsbergen you can find all you are looking for for just €52 per night.
This listing brings The Veluwe right to your doorstep. With 30+ positive reviews and a full 5 star rating I’m sure Nienke en Wilco are the kind of people that’ll do anything to make your stay the best you could wish for.

1. Ark ‘Dans’, B&B Gaudi-aan-de-Rijn

Sil’s houseboat is the most special Airbnb of Arnhem and also the most popular one! With 120+ reviews, a perfect 5 star rating and 1600 people who “saved” this listing it’s quite clear that this “Ark ‘Dans’, B&B Gaudi-aan-de-Rijn” deserves the number one spot. “Already at a first look at the ark ‘Dans’ from B&B Gaudí on the Rhine you see that this is no ordinary B & B. The unique design of the ark was partly inspired by the Spanish architect Gaudi. As with many of his works, runs every form into another and no right angle. The harmonious organic lines and location of the ark ‘Dans’ let you wake up up with a good feeling. There are 2 private double rooms. The prices are €49,- for 1 person / €75,- for 2 persons. This is including breakfast, sheets and towels, shared bathroom and toilet.”
Although I live in Arnhem, I really want to stay here. I might make a booking myself here in 2017!

I also have a listing on Airbnb and since I think my home is amazing I’ll place it as a bonus listing! :D.
I placed my listing at the beginning of January 2015 and didn’t expect too much of it. Do people actually visit Arnhem? And do people want to stay at someone’s home? And in my case, we would share my 60m2 home, the guest would get the bedroom and I’ll take the sofa. Well, it turned out many people were ok with that and soon enough I received a booking after booking. I gave up my privacy but got so much in return! The last 2 years I met people from all over the world and got an insight in why people would visit Arnhem. This can be to audition to get into ArtEZ or Introdans, for a concert or football match at Gelredome, for a fashion internship or to go biking at the Hoge Veluwe (in December!). The 2nd reason why I like to rent out my home is because now I actually keep a tidy and clean house. Nic for the guest and for me too. The 3rd reason is the extra spending money. I can’t deny the fact that with every booking request my heart skips a beat. “Who wants to come, for howlong and how much will they pay!!??” I put the money towards travel myself and with the extra cash, I was able to go on 5 city trips within Europe and 1 longer holiday to Indonesia in 2016. For 2017 I hope to welcome more guests into my home and show them around Arnhem. Not sure where my next trip will take me though….
Take a look at my listing “Centraal gelegen rustig appartement incl balkon”. It’s available for €33 per night.

Feel like checking out Airbnb yourself? When you create a profile using THIS LINK you’ll get a €25 discount on your 1st booking!

*All pictures, information and quotes are taken from the Airbnb website*

Blog by Petra Dielman.

Looking for a place to stay in Arnhem, or want to find a home for family or friends visiting you? Take a look at this and be surprised by the diversity Airbnb in Arnhem has to offer!

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