Where To Find Live Music In Arnhem

Where To Find Live Music In Arnhem

Live music in Arnhem

We at ArnhemLife like to help you find information that you need. Getting around in a city that you don’t know that well can be quite a challenge. For example: Where can you find live music? In this blog we’ll tell you about where and when you can find some live tunes.
Did we leave out an important bar/venue? Please tell us so we can keep this blog up to date.

Luxor Live, Location = Willemsplein 10

https://www.facebook.com/luxorlive/?fref=ts Facebook page
https://www.luxorlive.nl/agenda/ Agenda

For live concerts and parties you have go to LUXOR LIVE. This venue is located in a historic building that was designed by architect Willem Diehl. The building was finished in 1915 and functioned as a theater. After quite a tumultuous (almost) century, Luxor Live as we know it now opened its doors in 2008.
All kinds of music can be found here like Drum and Bass, Electro/Techno, hip-hop, rock & roll, Soul and pop music. Every week there are multiple concerts so you’ll have to check the agenda to keep track on what’s what. It is also often the location of an after-party for events like “Muziek bij de Buren”, 8Bahn and Free Your Mind. -I will tell you about these events later on in this blog.

Stella by Starlight, Location = Coehoornstraat 33

https://www.facebook.com/stellabystarlightcafe/?fref=ts Facebook page
http://www.stellabystarlight.nl/ Agenda

At Stella by Starlight you will find an intimate setting. The bar/restaurant has multiple rooms and its decorated like a living room (not a modern one 😉 ). Stella opened in 2014 and is the heart of the Coehoorn area. Across the bar, you can find Coehoorn Park and it is available during the day to hang out at. You can even order foods and drinks at Stella’s and they will even bring it to you while you find a place to sit. The park is also often the location of a small festival, mostly during special Dutch days or themed days in Arnhem -such as Kings Day and when the Giro ‘d Italia came to Arnhem.
On Wednesdays at Stella by Starlight you can find a live Jazz session and on Thursdays they have Paradigm sessions.

Tape, Location = Hommelstraat 66

http://www.ilovetape.nl/ Website
https://www.facebook.com/TAPEarnhem/events Agenda

Since 2008 you can find TAPE at the Hommelstraat in Arnhem. Home to talented artists, writers and designers the bar provide a platform for experimentation and research. Often you can find fun events here like game, or record night, workshops and.. LIVE MUSIC! As you can see on their Facebook page, the event agenda is pretty packed, so never a dull moment at this espresso bar/café/exhibition place. The interior of TAPE is sort of similar to the one at Stella by Starlight, but an upgraded version: Living room like -with style. During the summer it is nice to sit out on the curb and take in one of the most remarkable streets of Arnhem, while sipping from your Afri Cola. 😉

Dollars, Location = Korenmarkt 41A

https://www.facebook.com/DollarsRockcafe/ Facebook page

“Live music every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Join our jam session or party with the band” is what it says on their Facebook page. And that is about all you need to know! Great live bands who play covers from Nirvana as well as Pink, or even Justin Bieber! If the song doesn’t rock, they’ll make it rock! A fun night guaranteed. You can even request your favorite song and sing your guts out when the band chooses to play it.

BONUS: Music Festival Spijkerrok

http://www.spijkerrok.com/ Website

Denimskirt aka Spijkkerrok began nearly 15 years ago in a dorm. They needed a new vacuum cleaner, the students knew some bands and a charity event was born! Students grewolder and took off, but the festival Spijkkerrok stayed and kept the character of the original festival, a music festival for charity. This year the event will take place at July 3rd.


The band “Repaired Fade Out” will open the upcoming festival and this has everything to do with the charity of this year. The band consists of seven Syrian refugees who met at “De Koepel” (former prison, now a refugee center) in Arnhem formed a band together. About the charity: In De Koepel is home to 400 refugees. They have no status and may not work. They are allowed to learn and want to so much, only that can not be controlled by the COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers). Therefore, Spijkerrok (that’s you also!) will help “De Koepel” and its occupants: we will party to pay for study library! Join the party for books or bring them on July 9, and put them in bookcase on the festival grounds yourself!

Where can you find live music? In this blog we’ll tell you about where and when you can find some live tunes.

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