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Are you ready? It’s time to follow this Battle of  Arnhem route and explore John Frost’s footsteps.

On this page I explain to you how the web app works, so that you will know exactly how the ‘buttons’ work.

This app is easy to operate as long as your internet/wifi is working :).


Using the example photos of the Highlights of Arnhem route, I explain what all the ‘buttons’ mean. These ‘buttons’ work the same in the Battle of Arnhem route.

1: Here you can find some info about the place where you are.

2: Do you want more information? Then click on the ‘more information’ button. You see, it’s all very easy…

3: Click on the ‘where am I?’ button and a map of the route will open. This way you know exactly where you are, it’s not possible to get lost! Click on the button at the top left to return to the page with text.

4: The ‘hoppa to the next’ button is self-explanatory:  continue with the route.

5: In the percent % bar you can see how much of the route you have already walked.

ENG webapp voorbeeldfoto 1

6: Sometimes it says ‘see other picture’, a second photo is available.

7: Do you want to go back a page? This can be done with the ‘one step back’ button.

ENG webapp voorbeeldfoto 2

The route in the webapp

When you click on ‘where am I’ in the app to show the map where it asks you if you want to share your current location. If you click ‘yes’ you will see a ball on the map.

If you are at the starting point of the walk, near Arnhem Central Station, you will see a ball at the top of the map. If you view the map from home, you will have to make the map larger: the dot is where you are now.

8: In the example on the example map, the ball is at the bottom of the card, so this person is alrealy on their way in the Highlights of Arnhem route.

If you do not see this question when you open the map, you are probably not using the ‘Chrome’ browser, but the browser of your phone, for example ‘Samsung Internet’.

This app works best when using the ‘Chrome’ browser. You can change the browser in the settings or go without using the map. That is also possible, the route is also well described in the text.

9: Do you want to go back to the main screen of the web app? Then click on the icon at the top left corner of the map.

Now you’re ready to hit the road.
PLEASE NOTE: The link to the route is valid for a maximum of 15 days after purchase! Until then, you can open the route as often as you want.

This page, with the link to the route is also send as an email to you. Can’t find it? Please check your spam folder.

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The Battle of Arnhem in a nutshell:

Part of Operation Market Garden: The Battle of Arnhem was an important phase of Operation Market Garden, an Allied offensive during World War II that began on September 17, 1944. The aim of the operation was to force rapid passage into Germany through key bridges in the Netherlands, including the bridge at Arnhem.

Armies Involved: The battle was fought primarily by the British 1st Airborne Division and the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, supported by American airborne divisions. They faced well-prepared German forces, including SS Panzer divisions.

Miscommunication and Delays: The operation suffered from poor communication and delays. The airborne divisions landed far from their targets, leading to delays in reaching the bridges. In addition, radio communication between the different units was poor, which made coordination difficult.

Heroic Defense: Despite overwhelming German resistance, British forces under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John Frost held the northern approach to the bridge at Arnhem for four days. Their steadfast defense against a numerically superior enemy is one of the most heroic episodes of the battle.

Ultimate Failure: Ultimately the Battle of Arnhem and with it Operation Market Garden failed. The Allied forces were unable to hold the bridge at Arnhem, and many of the British and Polish paratroopers were killed, wounded or captured. The defeat delayed the Allied advance into Germany and the Netherlands remained occupied by the Germans for months to come.

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