‘T Taphuys Arnhem: Amazing Place For Drinks ‘n Food

New Hotspot on the Jansplein in the heart of Arnhem

As a small heatwave hits Arnhem Miriam and I inspect Arnhems latest hotspot ‘T Taphuys. Located in a stunning building (will talk about that later) on the Jansplein in the heart of the city.
The arrival of this new bar had Arnhem buzzing for months. The reason? Well, supposedly you had to get your own beer from the tap! My friends and I protested even before to bar was open: ”When I pay for a drink, I want someone to get it for me!”. By now I know that at ‘T Taphuys it’s also possible for lazy people such as myself to just order a drink from the staff. That also comes in handy or people who can’t get a beer out of the tap without ending up with a glass filled with foam (also me…).

‘T Taphuys had been open now for a good few months and many of my friends already tested the new bar. They were positive about the place, the selection of 100 beers on the tap and 80 kinds of wine, also on the tap. About time to take a look ourselves as we love beers and new fun locations to hang out.

Friendly Staff and Amazing Interiour

Upon entry we were greeted by a staff member who gave us a tour of the bar. WOW the place looks amazing! Long tables for large parties, comfortable chairs for just you and a friend to catch up and tables with power outlets for those who want to get some work done in a casual environment. We choose to sit outside in the garden, in the shade. It’s also possible to sit outside at the front of ‘T Taphuys, a great spot for some good old ‘people watching’.

The eyecatcher is definitely the two long lines of beer taps where you can get your own beer. No, it’s not possible to just open a tap and place your face underneath it, first you need to charge your prepaid card. You start by putting some money on your card (€10 will be good for two or three drinks). The most difficult part is next: you have to decide what beer you want! Like I said, there are 100 beers to choose from. When you need some help to decide you can always as a friendly staff member to give you some guidance or you can take a look at the beer charge they made (2 pages!). The charge tells you how strong all the beers are and if they are sweet, sour or spicy. You can also find more information about each beer on the little screen above the particularly tap.

Finally chosen a beer you wish to try? On the prepaid card you can find how to get it in your glass. Don’t worry when you messed up (like we did) and end up with more foam than anything else. The staff will correct your error so you’ll end up with a normal sized beer. It”s how we started with 2,5 beers between the two of us. 🙂 It’s actually really fun, this process of finding a beer and then pouring it yourself. It adds a little something special to the bar experience.

Freshly Baked Bread & Nachos

As we met the Chef in the open kitchen we told her we’d like to just get a nice taste of what kind of food they serve. She told us to find a nice place to sit and that we would be taken care of. Ok, sounds good! As we proudly drunk the beers we poured ourselves the first dish came out. It was a fresh baked bread with some nice sauces and snacks on the side. It came with a beer that complemented the dish. Oh it was jummy!
Not long after another plate came out. Nachos with pulled pork, sauce, spicy peppers and of course melted cheese. I think they might have been the best nachos I ever tasted.
Miriam and I dug into the food, surprised that we felt hungry upon seeing the food. Hot days usually result in lack of appetite but it might have been the lack of cooking something up ourselves.

Mouth Watering Steak

As we did some catching up, discussed holiday plans and what not, more food came out. The black angus steak and bavette steak looked mouth watering good and also came with matching beers. After a few hours in the ‘T Taphuys garden we thanked the kitchen for the delicious food, the friendly staff for the great service and left well fed and a little tipsy.

The drinks at ‘T Taphuys might be a little bit more expensive than a bar that’s not on an A location but the food is priced pretty reasonable. Even when you don’t want to spend too much you’ll have plenty to choose from on the menu (also veggy options). At the entrance you’ll find a big bag of nuts that you can take for free and also the tasty water cost nothing. That’s good service people!

About the Building:

The building dates back to 1889 and was in service as an postoffice until the downsizing of post offices in the whole of the Netherlands in 2007. Since then it was home to book shop Selexyz and food court La Place. They didn’t last long and the large building stayed vacant for a few years. Standing in front of the building, take a minute to observe the beautiful decorations. You’ll be able to spot many money’s on the frontage. This is why the building’s nickname is “ the monkey rock”.

Website ‘T Taphuys
‘T Taphuys Facebook

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri and Sun 10:00am till 01:00am
Fri and Sat 10:00am till 03:00

Blog and photo’s by Petra Dielman.
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With 100 sorts of beer and 80 kinds of wine ‘T Taphuys has the largest selection in Arnhem