5 Reasons to Run at Parklopen in Arnhem

5 Reasons to Run at Parklopen in Arnhem

5 Reasons to Run at Parklopen

5 Reasons to Run at Parklopen

Parklopen or “ParkRun” is an incredibly popular 5 kilometer run in many places around the globe, generally held weekly on a Saturday morning. Looking at the website for Parkrun you will see the description as such:

We organise free weekly timed runs all over the world. Held in pleasant parkland on weekend mornings, our runs are open to all – from juniors and first timers to Olympians and octogenarians…

*Running photos are property of Dick Leseman at txt factor, Sonsbeek Park photo’s by Petra Dielman*

EVERYONE was talking about Parkrun

My experience with Parkrun participants was online for a couple of years, hearing weekly stories from members of a running club I belong to on Facebook. The popularity was amazing. EVERYONE was talking about Parkrun. Every Saturday it was all about a new Personal Best somewhere in the UK. Though Parkrun officially runs in several countries, it was not until January of this year that I participated in a Parkrun while I was visiting Scotland one weekend.

Parkrun in Arnhem

Coincidentally, we now have a Parkrun in Arnhem! It’s called Parklopen and is slightly different to the UK model. Parklopen takes place on the first Sunday of the month and is 3 kilometers around Sonsbeek Park.
Parklopen is run by volunteers – the main ones I would say are running club De Loper and the Watermuseum where the run begins with a group warming-up from one of the trainers at De Loper.

First Parkrun in Nijmegen

I recently learned that the very first Parkrun in the Netherlands took place in Nijmegen in 2014! This of course was inspired by the initiatives in places like the UK where Parkrun was already a regular thing. In the beginning there were a lot of runners participating but after a few months when the winter came upon us the attendance dropped and the runs were put on hold. Later on the Athletic Union stepped in and enough partners were engaged to get Parklopen literally running again!

I think Parklopen is a GREAT idea and herewith I give you 5 reasons to try Parklopen

1) ANYONE can do it. You can be as speedy as Speedy Gonzales himself or you can be a beginner. All levels are welcome. You can also run, jog, walk, or waddle your way through the park. Makes no difference. You will be timed, yes, but only for statistics. That means you know how fast you ran it the first time and you can see if you improved the next time!
2) It’s in Sonsbeek Park. Yes we have some other lovely parks in Arnhem, I’m pretty sure we can agree to that. However, Sonsbeek, on a glorious Sunday morning (yes, it’s on Sunday, not Saturday like in the UK), getting your day started by getting fresh air and exercise? Tell me what beats that!!
3) Come each time and you will meet likeminded people. When you are new in town and you don’t know how to meet other runners you join a club OR you go to Parklopen!
4) It’s FREE. Only one tiny catch. IF you sign up, you agree to pay EUR 3,00 if you don’t show up. I find this very fair. It’s easier to keep your commitment when you know it will cost you a little penalty. Not only that though, it helps the volunteers keep Parklopen going strong.
5) You are doing something really great for yourself. You are keeping yourself fit and healthy and it will encourage you to keep going, keep improving and keep coming back.

Running is not for everyone, however, if you are thinking of starting, or you have started and you are not sure how to continue on your own, try Parklopen!

The next editions of Parklopen are:

Sunday, 5 June
Sunday, 3 July
Sunday, 7 August
number collection and start: Watermuseum, Sonsbeek Park
Sign up (in Dutch at the moment) is via the website: http://parklopen.nl/doe-mee/and takes only a few moments to complete (hopefully you can google translate your way through the registration process).

Blog by Renee A Shortz. Thanks Renee! 🙂

I think Parklopen is a GREAT idea and herewith I give you 5 reasons to try Parklopen.

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