Getting a bike in Arnhem

Getting a Bike in Arnhem

If you are in The Netherlands, you might have noticed that there are loads of bikes EVERYWHERE. There are many bike lanes and they are in good condition. So it’s only natural you might find yourself looking for a bike rental place.
When you stay for a longer period you might consider buying a new or second-hand bike.
TIP: INVEST IN GOOD LOCKS! And secure your bike to a pole or bike rack.

Rent a Bike With ArnhemLife

YES! You can rent a bike with us now too. Take a look at the Bike Rental Arnhem page for details and reserve a bike today.

If you will stay here for a longer period, you might consider buying a bike at a second hand shops:
2Switch Arnhem. Westervoortsedijk 120.
Bike shop “Okeesjen”. Spoorwegstraat 15.

Another good plice to find a second hand bike is at “Marktplaats“. It’s like “Ebay” but on “Marktplaats” you can find more second hand stuff in your neighbourhood. Just type in the word “fiets” (Dutch for bike), your zipcode and the search distance (5 km should do).

To buy a bike is easy bit to keep it in a good condition is really not that easy! Leasing a bike at Swapfiets solves all your problems!

You can lease a bike for €15 (€12 for a student) a month.
– If it breaks down they will fix it within 12 hours.
– As long as you have an active subscription they will maintain the entire bike for free.
– You can reach them between 08:00 and 22:00. Swapfiets guarantees the best service ever!

To buy a new bike can be very expensive! And I’m not even talking about the electric ones!
It’s always a good idea to compare prices and try to get some money of the bike price just by asking if it’s possible.

When you want to get an amazing bike, consider buying a “Van Hulsteijn” bike! The bike was designed in Arnhem, this makes it extra special ;).

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