Finding a place to stay in Arnhem

Finding a place to stay in Arnhem

Finding a place to stay in Arnhem can be challenging, as I’m sure you will know. But, there are some options for you to try and find your new home, perhaps a temporary one at first. Here are our suggestions to find housing, or at least a bed, in Arnhem

Airbnbs in Arnhem

Finding a place to stay in Arnhem for a short period isn’t that hard. You can check into a hotel, B&B, campsite, find a hostel or check Airbnbs in Arnhem.

If you create an Airbnb account using this link you will get 20 euro to spend on your first booking on Airbnb.

You will also find my listing here. I love hosting guests! I meet people from all over the world and Airbnb really helps me keep my home tidy. As a bonus, I get extra pocket money and use it for travels myself.

Hotels in Arnhem

In Arnhem you can find many hotels in or near the city center. We will share our favorite ones here. The differ in style and price. What hotel is your favorite?

Hotel Haarhuis

Walburgis Residenties

Hotel Bastion

Hotel Molendal

Hotel Trix 

Hotel Modez

NH Rijnhotel 

The Church

Ibis Styles

Hostel Stayokay Arnhem

In Arnhem we only have 1 hostel. It’s not even close to the city center, about an 1 hour walk away. But, it’s a budget place to stay if you and your friends are looking for a short term place to sleep.