7 Streets in Arnhem

Binnenstad Arnhem

7 Streets in Arnhem

Welcome to the ‘7 Streets’ in Arnhem. Where Amsterdam has the ‘9 Streets’ (a fashion and vintage heaven forfashionistas), Arnhem has its own version, ‘the 7 Straatjes’ or ‘7 Little Streets,’. These streets are home to many small business owners. Their cute shops will invite you in and you will experience Arnhems hospitality at first hand.

Shopping in Arnhem

Off the beaten track in Arnhem

Big shops and shop-chains can be found at the Ketelstraat, Bakkerstraat and Koningstraat. In the side streets, off the beaten track in the city center of Arnhem, you can find these 7 streets. They are the Arke Noachstraat, Bentinckstraat, Eiland,Kerkstraat, Pastoorstraat, Wielakkerstraat and the Zwanenstraat. You will recognise the entrance to the ‘7 straatjes’ by the rusty, overgrown gate above the street and arrow like tiles on the ground. Could they have made the entrance more clear for the public? Yes, I do think so, but this is what we got. 😉

7 Streets Arnhem
7 Straßen Arnheim
Oudste Café Arnhem

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Vintage pieces and foodie heaven in Arnhem

Whether you want to browse vintage pieces or enter foodie heaven, the shops and eateries on thesetucked-away streets have it all. You could easily spend an entire afternoon strolling along the narrowstreets while exploring the quaint shops and cafés. This was unimaginable centuries ago. The seven little streets are part of the so-called Alleys Quarter (Stegen-Kwartier). Once this neighborhood was distinguished by an abundance of crime and prostitution. Today a charming mixture of conceptstores, gift shops, and places to eat and drink dominate this part of Arnhem.

For a short video impression about the ‘7 Straatjes’ in Arnhem click here.

Shoppen in Arnhem
zeven straatjes Arnhem

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