Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem

Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem…

…when you only visit one or two days.

Visiting Arnhem for just one or two days? We’ve put together  the ‘Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem’ list for you with some suggestions on what you could do or places to visit while in Arnhem. Besides spending the day at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum or Koningklijk Burgers’ Zoo, there is sooo musch more to see and do here in the capital of Gelderland province. Make the most of your stay in Arnhem by checking every number on this ‘Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem’ list.


Park Meinerswijk

Stadsblokken-Meinerswijk is a floodplain area located on the southern bank of the Rhine opposite the centre of the city of Arnhem. The earliest traces of habitation of the area date back to the time of the Roman Empire. In the area, there are a number of cultural-historical objects and a neighbourhood called De Praets.

Not only will you have a stunning view of Arnhem City, you may also encounter Konik horses and Galloway cows. They are friendly but keep in mind that they are still ‘wild’ animals so make sure you keep a safe distance!

Meinerswijk is beautiful during any season, especially during sunrise and sunset. Bring your camera and start exploring.

Meinerswijk Arnhem
Instagram photo: rgwolfs


Fashion district

The Fashion district/Modekwartier is located in the centre of the Klarendal area in Arnhem and is a creative district devoted entirely to fashion, design, art and food, with a concentration of shops, workshops, studios, galleries, cafés, restaurants and the unique design Hotel Modez.

In the Modekwartier, the designers each tell their own story. That makes shopping in the Modekwartier so personal and attractive. Most stores are open from Thursday to Sunday, but some have more opening hours. The exact opening times can be found on the website of the Modekwartier or of the designers themselves.

Instagram photo: modekwartierarnhem
Instagram photo: modekwartierarnhem


Windmill ‘De Kroon’

De Kroon/The Crown or the ‘Klarendalse Molen’ is a tower mill in which was built in 1870 and is in working order.

Many people are surprised this windmill is located in the middle of a neighbourhood. It is a sight that tourists would love, but not always know exists. That is why we put it on our ‘Top 10 Things To Do in Arnhem’ list!

Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem
Top 10 Things To Do In Arnhem


ArnhemLife Guided City Tour

Who better to show you around town that a local guide? We offer a verity of walking-, bike and bus tours: How about seeing Arnhems murals during a city walk or bike tour? Or combine culture and food during a ‘walking dinner’.

We would love to plan a day in Arnhem for you! Small groups or large corporate events, that does not matter to us, making sure your stay in Arnhem will be one you’ll never forget.

Instagram photo: ArnhemLife
Instagram photo: ArnhemLife


Arnhem Central Station

In 2015, after almost 20 years of building, the new Arnhem Central Station finally was finished. It was well worth the wait! This futuristic transport hub has left many travellers in awe.  The modern railway station, designed by Ben van Berkel/UNStudio, won several awards including the international Architizer A+ award in the category ‘bus- en railway stations’.

Locals sometimes use the nickname ‘money pit’ for the railway station. With a building budget that started with 220 million euro the project ended up costing 625 million euro, you might know why.

Instagram photo: ArnhemLife
Instagram photo: ArnhemLife



Visit the local food, flower and fish market at the Markt in Arnhem and try Dutch treats as ‘herring’, ‘kibbeling’ and all kinds of cheeses.

At the Markt you’ll also find a few beautiful historical building! The ‘Duivelshuis’ for example. The ‘Devil’s House’ is a 16th-century city castle. The house is now called the Maarten van Rossem House and is part of the town hall. It now functions as the mayor’s office.

The ‘Sabelspoort’ is another historical gem. The gate was first mentioned in 1357. The ‘Sabers Gate’ was part of a castle surrounded by a high wall with loopholes. Later on, the gate was also used to confine prisoners and insane people.

In 1642, the gate was restored and he was given a Renaissance facade on the city side. In later years the gate was enclosed by houses, but during the Second World War and especially during the Battle of Arnhem these houses were so badly damaged that they were demolished after the liberation and the gate was released. The gate itself was also badly damaged. In 1952 the gate was rebuilt. Since then he is part of the adjacent Province House of Gelderland.

Hoogtepunten van Arnhem Stadswandeling
Instagram photo: ArnhemLife


Park Sonsbeek

Park Sonsbeek as an estate exists more than 250 years. Before that it was a stream valley in the forest. Along the Sint Jansbeek, 750 years ago, the first watermill stood next to the Grote Waterval and the area consisted of several small estates. Baron Van Heeckeren merged those estates into Park Sonsbeek. A hundred years ago, in 1899, the core of the estate came into the hands of the municipality and became a public park.

Many events take place at Park Sonsbeek like, Sonsbeek Avenue, Sonsbeek Market, Park Open and Social Mile. It’s also a perfect picnic location during a hot summers day.

At the park, there are several locations where you can get a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner.

Instagram photo: ArnhemLife
Instagram photo: ArnhemLife


John Frost Bridge/Information centre

With its phenomenal view of the world-famous John Frost Bridge, Airborne at the Bridge tells its visitors the personal stories of the British lieutenant John Grayburn, the German Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and the Dutch captain Jacob Groenewoud who fought and died here during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

Airborne at the Bridge is free for all visitors. You can also buy a discount ticket here to the Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ in Oosterbeek.

Airborne At The Bridge ArnhemLife 15
Airborne At The Bridge ArnhemLife 15


Rozet/Ardvark statue

Rozet is a must visit while in Arnhem. The building is free to access and a social hub for many Arnhemmers. On the -1 level you’ll find the heritage center. It might look not open but try the entrance and you’ll see that it (probably) is opened. The heritage centre tells the story of Arnhem. The small fee free museum is packed with information about Arnhems rich history and present.

Make sure you also make your way to the top of the Rozet building. When the weather is nice the large balcony is open and you’ll have a nice view over Arnhem.

In front of Rozet you can find a large ‘party ardvark’. It’s been chilling there since 2015, placed there as a gift to the city by Burgers’ Zoo who celebrated 100 years of the zoo being open. At the local Burgers’ Zoo, you may be able to spot a glimpse of an ardvark if you are lucky. Just like the 15m large statue in the city centre, ardvarks are not the most active of animals. During the day they are mostly asleep.

Feel free to climb the statue’s belly, it’s allowed! Just like it’s allowed to slide down the railing of the stair at the Rozet building.

Photo: ArnhemLife
Photo: ArnhemLife


Eusebius Church/Glass Balcony

The No. 1 spot is for the Eusebius Church. This Top sightseeing in Arnhem activity is something special. The church has been under construction for the last 10 years but slowly the scaffolding gets taken down and a beautiful building appears!

During the Battle of Arnhem, the Eusebius church got hit pretty hard. You can see lots of photos at the church from before and after the war.

Learn more about the most iconic building in Arnhem during your visit to the church. Buy a ticket for the panorama lift that takes you up the 73m high tower.

The lift makes a stopover at 63 metres so visitors can stand on the glass balconies to view the exterior of the restored tower. The famous Disney gargoyles, added after the Second World War, can be seen from the balconies, along with characters more familiar to a Dutch public like Ollie B. Bommel and Tom Poes (a Tom-Thumb figure). The gargoyles include G.C. Foeken, a clergyman fiercely opposed to these playful sculptures. During their stopover, visitors can also admire the imposing carillon, one of the largest in Europe.

Opening hours

Entrance fee

Instagram photo: ArnhemLife
Instagram photo: ArnhemLife


Do you want to do all the activities mentioned above? It will take you multiple days. So why not book a long weekend away in Arnhem?

Are you looking for a hotel? Take a quick look here if you want to book a hotel in Arnhem.

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