10 reasons why you do want to wear a face mask

10 reasons why you do want to wear a face mask

Well, wearing a face mask, it is not so nice of course. You can be pro or con the use of them when it comes to beating corona. One person believes that it is beneficial, the other does not and that’s a discussion that never seems to end.

But, we prefer to focus on positive things (except when it comes to a corona test) and therefore give you 10 reasons why you do want to wear a face mask!

1. Winter is coming, and the cold is hanging in the air. If you go outside, a cold nose is also part of that. If you wear a mask outside, you will notice that your nose also stays nice and warm, especially when you wear such a nice fabric one.

2. Before Covid, it was quite normal to greet and say goodbye to peoble by kissing them on the cheeks a few times but not everyone likes this way of greeting! For many people skipping these kisses this is the most positive thing about corona. If a vaccine becomes available and the pandemic is over, you can still choose to wear your face mask, if only to avoid all that kissing.

3. “In the past” you could only yawn extensively in a public place when you don’t care if people see you. It looks a bit crazy when your mouth is wide open. If you have a mouth mask on, nobody will notice! Fantastic, you can now yawn until your teeth fall out.

4. Do you love garlic? Now is the time to add this delicious herb to your food without limits. Nobody smells that strong garlic smell with a mouth mask on. Do you smell it yourself? Then take a peppermint. Keep in mind that when you wear a mouth mask, the peppermint can hit your eyes, which will give you teary eyes! For some people this is probably already recognizable.

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5. Have your teeth been annoying you for years but are you afraid to see a dentist? How lucky, you don’t have to do anymore! Wear a face mask with a nice smile on it and laugh it off. Nobody sees your yellow or crooked teeth as long as you stay in places where a mouth mask is mandatory.

6. Is fashion your thing? Then buy different mouth masks that match your outfit. One for every occasion. Or you adapt them to your mood. If you are cheerful, choose nice colors, if you are in a grave mood then you put on black. Are you in the mood for a party? Then choose a mouth cap with glitter. The options are endless!.

7. Are you handy on a sewing machine? Then start your own mouth masks business. Make them in different sizes and offer them on Facebook or Instagram. Get different fabrics at the and make it into a ‘crafting afternoon’. It’s also a fun activity for during the lockdown.

8. Have you tested negative for corona and just caught a cold? Then you can’t actually show yourself in public. With a mouth mask on, no one will see your red runny nose and that way you prevent people giving you a strange look.

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9. You can also use the mouth mask by making a statement. Instead of a nice print you can choose to print a text on it. Show who your favorite football club is, put a positive quote on it or print the mouth mask with the logo of your company. Here the options are endless again.

10. Support your local business! We are all doing our best to get through this time as best we can and many business owners are having a hard time. Support a local business by buying your mouth mask in a shop near you!