Unique Battle of Arnhem Merchandise

Now Available: Unique Battle of Arnhem Merchandise

100% Arnhem designed Battle of Arnhem merchandise.

If you’d like to order something, do feel free to contact us at info@arnhemlife.nl with the items you’d like to purchase, the product code and how many you would like (since we are still working on getting a propper webshop online).

You can then pick up the items when you visit Arnhem!

Discount possible when ordering 10 pieces (per product) or more.

Battle of Arnhem calendar

(Birthday) Calendar  €17,50

product code 19201

1st photo is the calendar cover, 2nd photo shows the photos inside.

Photos are all original.

Added to some of the dates in the calendar are important dates to the Battle of Arnhem.

Battle of Arnhem bag

Shopping Bag  €9,99

product code 19401

This canvas shopping bag shows the John Frost Bridge in a beautiful, simple graphic design.

Battle of Arnhem mug

Mug  €14,99 (left one in the photo)

product code 19301

Mug with the image ‘We Remembered in Arnhem’.

Battle of Arnhem mug

Mug  €14,99 (right one in the photo)

product code 19302

The Market Garden/Pegasus flag is waving proudly with in the back ground the Eusebius Church.

Battle of Arnhem mug

Mug  €14,99 (right one in the photo)

product code 19303

Black and white photo of the John Frost Bridge on a cold and snowy day.

Battle of Arnhem sticker

Sticker  €1,50

product code 19102

Sticker ‘We Remembered in Arnhem’.

Sticker  €1,50

product code 19101

Sticker ‘Lest We Forget’.

Battle of Arnhem T-Shirt

T-shirt  €19,99

product code 19501

T-shirt ‘Lest We Forget’, available in sizes S, M, L, XL.

Battle of Arnhem Gift Set

If you would like to order all these items for your self or as a gift? How wonderful!

As a thank you we’ll give you a €10,- discount, we will place it in a giftbag and will add our Battle of Arnhem postcard set for free.

This makes a great gift for tour companies that visit the Arnhem area in an one-or-two day trip.

Contact us at info@arnhemlife.nl when interested.


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