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Prague In Three Days

A few weeks ago we booked a visit to Prague. In tree days we’ll sniff up all the culture we can.
Exiting the metro we were in the heart of the city straight away. The citycame across as a mix of Paris (some restaurants had French names and the terraces hadtypical Parisian chairs), Amsterdam (the overdose of tourists and tourists shops), Italy (thecute romantic alleys with the colored houses) and Germany (lots of meat and pretzels).

Seeing Prague can be done all by foot. It’s quite a big walk, but when the weather is good itis a pretty enjoyable thing to do and it makes you able to discover the city. Our way ofexploring the city is to look for a nice restaurant on the internet and then go there and seesome of the touristic sights on the way. This makes you walk through streets you normallywouldn’t come!

The pastel colored buildings in either Baroque, Gothic or the Renaissance style kept us amazed.The inhabitants of Prague are really friendly, helpful and even a bit shy. It might be a bitunkind to say, but my expectation was that they would be a bit gruff. I am glad they weren’t. I lovethe Czech people! Our map told us that the Prague people love to complain. I guess the Dutch and Czech people have this in common!

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Sleep On A Budget In Prague

We stayed at Ahoy hostel in the city centre. We booked a twin room with shared bathroom.We even got a shared kitchen and living, but as the other guests were never there it felt likeour own apartment. Not bad for just €23 per person per night. The room and facilitieswhere clean, it was quiet and the staff was really friendly, so an excellent place to stay andexplore the city!

Attractions In Prague

The first day (which was actually only half a day because of our delayed flight, but you won’thear us complain!) we walked around in the old city centre, called Staré Mesto.We saw the “Astronomical Clock” on town square. Every hour hundreds of tourists gathertogether to watch a mechanical performance, which is already over 600 years old.

The second day we saw the “Dancing House“, which was called after dancers Ginger andFred. We didn’t enter, but walked through to Vysehrad, a cultural monument within city walls.It has a gorgeous basilisk with amazing doors. It’s the former home of the king and we had notexpected it to be so pretty! We passed a garden with art and crossed the bridge to the otherside of the river and kept walking around there a little more.

On our third day we did the most of the touristic sights. We started off by passing the”Charles Bridge“. It makes you feel like you are in Paris with all the caricature drawers andpeople selling all kind of stuff. It took forever to exit the bridge, with all the tourists takingpictures and walking slowly. But, no worries, we are on holiday, so we don’t need to rush.

When you exit the bridge, you will find the “John Lennon Wall” at the left. A really coolwall dedicated to John Lennon. People have filled it with John Lennon-inspired graffiti andpieces of lyrics from Beatles songs. This wall is like a monument to free speech and the non-violent rebellion of Czech youth against the regime. We walked up the hill to the castle,which was built the 9 th century after Christ. We had to wait for 45 minutes to enter. Noproblem. The sun was shining and inside we admired the Sint Vitus Cathedral. It took over 600years to built and with all the tiny details it’s no wonder why it took so long!

A little further you find the “Petrin Tower“, you will feel like being in Paris again, as it is a smallcopy of the “Eiffel Tower”. For €4,50 per person, it gives you a beautiful view over the city.Well, you have to climb up the stairs yourself, the tower doesn’t do that for you of course….

Eating In Prague

We tried some of the Prague sweet specialties, like the trdelnik. Impossible for us topronounce! On every corner in the city centre you find a stand where people grill these rolleddough’s. You can fill them with vanilla crème, chocolate or even ice cream.It seems like the Prague people like to hide their restaurants, because it is difficult to seewhat they look like from the outside. But they are often quite surprising once you enter!

Vegetarian Restaurant In Prague

Oneof the most surprising restaurants was “Clear Head“.In Prague they love meat, so for me as a vegetarian it was quite a challenge to find a decentmeal. That’s why we checked the internet for some recommendations and we found outabout this amazing place. “Clear Head” only serves vegetarian food and it aims to satisfy oursenses and clears our mind. In a building that is over 500 years old a cute fairytale likerestaurant was hidden. It had a homy feeling, with two different rooms, both designed byartists. One had a sky full of stars on the ceiling and the other one looked like you just atemagic mushrooms. The mushrooms even stood on the tables as lamps and lighted up thetables, which on its turn seemed to give light themselves. A space experience, with freshand tasty food.
Location: Boršov 280/2, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město.

Riverside Restaurant in Prague

A place that isn’t hidden at all, is riverside restaurant “SmetanaQ Café & Bistro“. This is a really fancy place with hugewindows. Strike down in the sun on the bench in the window and enjoy a cup of tea or apiece of cake. They also serve great smoothie bowls for breakfast.
Location: Smetanovo nábř. 334/4,110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město.

Industrial Style Home Kitchen Restaurant

In an industrial style you can have a good meal in one of the “Home Kitchen” restaurants.Quirky and modern. It’s on the other side of the Moldau river, which is a great area to walkaround.
Location: Radlická 3185/1C, Anděl, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov- Smíchov.

Breakfast At Louvre Café in Prague

The other day we had breakfast at the “Louvre Café“. Since the opening in 1902 it has beenrepresented as the pinnacle of Prague café society, centre of cultural life. Even AlbertEinstein came here! It serves traditional Chez meals, and is popular for the Czech as well asfor tourists.
Location: Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město.

Pasta In Prague

If you are looking for a place to eat homemade pasta, go to “Pasta Fresca“. You wouldeasily walk by, because it’s once again a hidden restaurant. You would not expect it whenyou enter, but the basement is actually quite big! It is really popular, so make sure tomake a reservation.
Location: Celetná 11, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město.

Crepe With Ice Cream, Hot Blueberries And Nutella

One of the things I still keep talking about when people ask me about my trip to Prague, isthe crepe with ice cream, hot blueberries and Nutella. O my god, that was so delicious!There’s nothing that could make us more happy after being exhausted of the long walk. Weate it at a small café with a vintage look, called “Cisty Stul“. The salad with beetroot and bakedgoat cheese was yummy too.
Location: Vítězná 419/15, Malá Strana, 15001 Praha-Smíchov.

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Click here for fun things to do in Prague

Drink And Dance In Prague

The Prague people like to drink hot wine, hot apple cider and even hot orange jus with rum.That is not our cup of tea. Fortunately there are plenty of beer cafe’s as well, you find themall over the city. The beer garden in Riegerovy Saby park, on the Eastern side of the city,looked really nice, but when we were there it was raining, so it was all looking really sad.We would loved to sit there in the sun with a cold beer, listening to a band performing, butnow the only cold thing was our hands. Oh oops we were not allowed to complain, well we willcome back in summer.Dlouhá is the party street of Prague, here you can find a wide variety of bars. We went to “James Dean Café“. Upstairs it’s an American diner and in the basement a cool discotheque.
Location: V Kolkovně 922/1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město.

If you are more into a chat and a drink, go to “Café Neustadt“: a really cool vintage café.
Location: Karlovo nám. 1/23, 120 00 Praha 2-Nové Město.

Karlovy Lazne” is the biggest discotheque of Europe. We considered going there, but thestaff from our hostel advised us not to do. Pub tours end there, so the majority of the publicwill be young drunk people, not really what we would enjoy.

Shopping In Prague

If you are looking for a city to shop till you drop, Prague is not the one to go. It has someshops, but that are mostly the well-known ones, like H&M and C&A, and you can findsouvenir shops on every corner. If you like to go shopping, go to “Narodni Street” or cross the”Palackého Bridge” and walk along on the other side of the river.Our favorite area was around our hostel, “Louvre Café” and “Café Neustadt”, it’s great to walk aroundwith the cute little streets. Another area we loved was around “Cisty Stul”. Not many touristicsighs where listed there, so our expectations were low.

Praque is a great city if you love architecture, meat, beer and art. Especially crazy street art,which is really cool. It wants you to keep walking around to find more and more crazy stuff.It’s a city that keeps surprising.

One more advice for women: try not to be fashionable on your (high) heels, becausewrenching your ankle on the bricks is not fashionable at all.

Blog and photo’s by Franka Otten.

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Prague in three days: Make the most of your stay! Travelblog by ArnhemLife’s Franka Otten.