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Flexible Workspace in Arnhem

Are you looking for cool flexible workplaces in Arnhem? This list will keep you entertained for a while! Test them all and make a list yourself which flex desk you like best to work. These flexible workplaces consist of different restaurants, but also real flex workplaces, which are specially made for you to get the most out of your (working) day.

Flex desks are super handy for remote working. With these interchangeable workplaces you save on renting an office yourself and be inspired by the environment. Meet up with other entrepreneurs for a morning of sparring and forging plans for your business. Let the flexible working begin!

Rozet – Flex working in Arnhem

Rozet is the center for culture, knowledge and education in Arnhem. The building also contains a library where you can study or work. The advantage of this flex desk is that it is free! It is a perfect place for those who are easily distracted in a cafe. On the 3rd floor you will find many sockets and workplaces. If you need caffeine to boost your energy, that’s no problem either: there is a coffee machine where you can pay with coins. In the summer you can also go to the top floor and enjoy the weather and view over Arnhem while you study / work on the terrace.

Do check the opening times before you go to Rozet, because Rozet is not always open on Sundays.

Flex working ar Rozet.

Rozet Arnhem
Flex Workspace Arnhem

Momento – Flex working in Arnhem

Restaurant Momento can also be found in the Rozet building, but on the ground floor. This spacious restaurant is a great place to work. Choose a cozy table by the window, open your laptop and be inspired by the surroundings. Momento is known for the delicious cakes they serve and their surprising menu. While you’re there, treat yourself to something tasty or a delicious lunch.

Flex working ar Momento in Arnhem.

Werkplek Momento
Flexplekken in Arnhem

Mams Coffee & More – Flex working in Arnhem

This flexible workplace is within sight of the Willemsplein bus station. Mam’s Coffee is perfect for those looking for a cozy little place to work/study. Special about Mam’s Coffee are the various unique coffee and pastry flavors such as the stroopwafel latte or the red velvet cake. So, if you ever crave something sweet while working, I can recommend ordering a slice of cake at Mam’s Coffee!

Flex working at Mams Coffee.

Werkplek Momento
Flexplekken in Arnhem

First Eet – Flex Workspace in Arnhem

Lunchroom First Eet is also an excellent flexible workplace in Arnhem. The inconspicuous exterior can mislead visitors, the inside is super cozy. It is well lit because of the many lamps and the daylight that comes in from the skylight above. The staff is very friendly and if you are hungry, I can definitely recommend the delicious sandwiches on the vegetarian/vegan menu!

Remote working at First Eet.

Flex werkplek First Eet
Flexplekken in Arnhem

Café Dudok – Flex Working in Arnhem

Café Dudok is an established name in Arnhem. The location is beautiful, as a neighbor of the Eusebius Church, next to the Jansbeek in the old building of Van Ranzow’s Bank from 1920.

This spaciously converted café-restaurant functions extremely well as a work place! You will see that people come and go, a bustling place where Arnhemmers meet each other.

Are you hungry for flexible working? TIP: order the ’12-uurtje’ then you can easily go for a few more hours.

Flex working at Dudok Arnhem.

Flexplek Dudok Arnhem

FOCUS Eten & Drinken – Remote workspace Arnhem

Around the corner at Dudok you can find Focus Food & Drink. Whether you’re collaborating with a colleague, or working laptop by your self, at FOCUS you’re sure to get some work done. Do you need a break? Then choose an interesting art-house film: FOCUS is also a cinema!

On the menu you will find, in addition to a few dishes with meat and fish, mainly vegetarian and vegan options. It may not be something for the morning, but rather something for the evening, but try the Audrey Hepburn beer that FOCUS serves (the Audrey Hopburn). FOCUS is located at Audrey Hepburnplein, a reference to when the actress and activist lived in Arnhem during her childhood in ww2 between 1939 and 1944.

Remote workspace FOCUS in Arnhem.

Flexwerkplekken Arnhem
Flexwerken in Arnhem
FOCUS Arnhem


If you want to work flexibly in Arnhem South, that is also possible. At Commanderie Gelderse Poort, for example. The light interior provides a natural look & feel, very nice if you like a quiet environment in your workplace.

You can also rent various meeting rooms at Commanderie Gelderse Poort. These are all named after Arnhem parks, because I think that’s a nice little thing.

The lunches also look excellent! You can see that on the Instagram page of Commanderie Gelderse Poort. See also the photos below.

Flex workspace Commanderie Gelderse Poort.

Flexwerken bij Commanderie Gelderse Poort
Werkplek Commanderie Gelderse Poort

Boutique Office Nederland – Remote workplace Arnhem

At Boutique Office Nederland, located next to Arnhem Central Station, you will find a high-end, luxurious workspace. A hip location, really ‘instagram worthy’. You can work flexibly here by purchasing a kind of flex desk subscription or strip card. Whether you want to use a workplace 4x a month or regularly need a meeting room, everything is possible. Ideally located, next to the station.

At Boutique Office you can also sign up for various networking events. Good for your self-development and network! Take a look at the instagram page of Boutique Office for even more beautiful photos like below.

Boutique Office Flex Working.

Workspace Boutique office Arnhem
Flex workspace in Arnhem
Flex workspace in Arnhem

Newday offices – Flexworking in Arnhem

The next flexible workspace in this list is Newday Offices in Arnhem. This office building on Jansbuitensingel is part of a chain and can be found in ten places in the Netherlands. You can already rent a flex desk here for €25 per day. It is also possible to rent a shared office or an office for yourself for a month.

The urban look of the building gives off a businesslike impression. Perfect for a working day on location. Find a nice place, grab your to-do list and start ticking off!

Flexwork at Newday Offices Arnhem.

Newday Office Arnhem
Newday Office Arnhem

Geniet in de Weerd – Remote Working in Arnhem

At Geniet in de Weerd you can claim one of the 40 flexible workplaces for free by sitting on a chair at a table. They already open at 08:00 so you can get the most out of your workday.

This workplace is very socially involved and is therefore partly run by people with disabilities or volunteer (organisations) and socially involved entrepreneur.

You can also have a nice lunch here and just walk in for a nice cup of coffee. The patio is also open when the weather is nice.

Geniet at the Weerd remote working.

Flexplek Geniet in de Weerd
Flexplek Geniet in de Weerd

The Green – Flexible Workspace in Arnhem

The ideal place where you can work with the best view, then you flexwork in one of the two WTC towers on top of Arnhem central station at The Green Meeting Center Arnhem. This is also the most environmentally friendly workplace on this list.

The Green stands for climate neutral, local and zero-waste. In addition, it also has very reasonable rent rates for when you want to work flexibly for a day or part of the day. Do you have to wait between two appointments and you are near the station? Then The Green is a good place to settle down.

Flexible workspace at The Green in Arnhem.

Remote Workplace The Green Arnhem
Remote Workplace The Green Arnhem

Journey Offices – Flexible Workspace in Arnhem

This last flex desk in our list is for Journey Offices, located in the old V&D shop building near Velperplein. And perhaps Journey Offices has the most to offer of all of the flex workspaces listed. In addition to being able to work flexibly here and rent a meeting room, you can also participate in yoga sessions or use the gym.

In this converted, spacious office building you can outsource your daily tasks yourself, such as arranging a babysitter, having clothes dry cleaned, traveling with a personal shopper or using chauffeur services. That’s the next level!

A nice place for an advanced flex worker if you ask us.

Flex workspace Journey Offices in Arnhem.


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