Breakfast Hotspots in Arnhem

Breakfast Hotspots in Arnhem

Yesterday someone asked me if I knew where one could get a nice breakfast. I thought about it for a minute and could only think of a few places off the top of my head. After some research, I found out that there are many nice places where one can get breakfast!

Of course, you can go to the “La Place” inside V&D, or go to the HEMA, but there are other options that will support local businesses and maybe provide something that’s new to you.

Here are a few “breakfast hotspots” options lined up for you:

In and near the Koningsstraat there are many options available. Bagels & Beans (Mon 12 pm, Tue/Sat 9:30 am Sunday 11 am) sits across from Doppio (Daily 8 am), walk towards the Eusebius Church and you’ll find Dudok (Mon/Sat 8 am Son 10 am) next to Arnhemse Meisjes (Mon 12 pm, Tue/Thu 10 am Fri/Sat 9a m, Son 11 am)

Breakfast in Arnhem

Breakfast in Arnhem


Other places worth visiting are:

First Eet (Wed/Sat 10 am, Sun 12 pm)

Hemels (9  am daily)

Caspar (Mon/Sun 09.30am)

Babo (Sun/Mon/Tue 10am, Wed/Sat 09am)

Sofra (Tue/Sat 09.30am, Sun 11 am)

Brownies and DownieS (Mon/Sat 09.30am)

Koffiekafeetje (Tue/Fri 8am. Sat 09.30am)



The HEMA (Daily 09.00am/ Sunn 12 pm) does deserve a mention. Here you can get breakfast for only 2 euro! Just a tip for travelers on a tight budget!

Have you been to any of these places, or do you recommend another place? Please let us know!

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