Museum Homes in Arnhem

Museum homes in Arnhem

Always wondered what it would be like to live in a museum? Now you can find out. 

You can find four Museum Homes in Arnhem that you can visit ones a month and ask the people who live there all about it.

Times sure have changed, and I can’t imagine living like that! The people who live there rent the place, and the contract states they will open it to the public on certain dates, and that they keep the home in the original state as much as possible.

Step inside a museum home and you’ll instantly go back in time. The interior of some homes are still the same as when the houses were new.

You can see and learn all about what “luxury” living was like in the 50’s, what is is like to live without a fridge, see beautiful craftsmanship in the home’s finishing and hear about stories about life in Arnhem 60+ years ago.


The homes you can visit are:

Hazelaarstraat 69: This home is designed in 1946 by architect W.E.C. de Geus and finished in 1947.

Johan de Wittlaan 268-2: “Luxury” home from the 50’s with great original features.

Borgardijnstraat 8: This interesting home dates form 1918/1922 designed bij architects De Roos and Overeijnder from Rotterdam. Not the best area to live in at the time, makes for fascinating stories now.

Vijverlaan 73: Building complex “Musschenberg” dates back to 1910 and is the oldest of these museum homes.

Museum homes in origional state Museum homes


Other Visiting dates:

Sunday 28 Feb2016
Sunday 20 March 2016
Sunday 24 April 2016
Sunday 29 May 2016
Sunday 26 June 2016
Sunday 11 Sept 2016
Sunday 30 Oct 2016
Sunday 27 Nov 2016 between noon and 4pm. Entrance is FREE. Makes for a nice Sunday afternoon event :).


For an impression, take a look at the website

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