Bike Rental Arnhem

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Bike Rental Arnhem

ArnhemLife rents bicycles for groups from 6 people, up to a maximum of 250 pieces.

It is wise to order the bicycles on time because we do not often have bicycles available for the day itself.

Available bicycles are:

-Ordinary bicycles with gears



The bicycles are delivered and picked up at an agreed place that is convenient for our customer.

If you are interested in renting bicycles, email us at for a price proposal, availability, rental conditions and to make a reservation.

The bike pick up and return point is where it’s convenient for you.
Pick up and return of the bike will be at an appointed time that works for both of us (since we’re out and about sometimes).

If you want to rent a bike, you need to email us first via for availability, rental terms and reservations.

Cycling routes near Arnhem

From the snelfietsroutesgelderland website:

Cycling in the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region

Keeping the region accessible and attracting cyclist, are the top priorities. Therefore the region constructed the fast cycling rout between Arnhem and Nijmegen. Besides, Gazelle en Vanhulsteijn are two well-known Dutch bike manufacturers located in the area as well. Other bike facilities are the national bicycle museum Velorama and Bicycle Centre Nijmegen.

The fast cycling routes

The region Arnhem – Nijmegen has several fast cycling routes and new routes are added constantly. The fast cycling routes connect residential, work and shopping areas of different towns and cities. Obviously they are fast, direct, comfortable and safe long distance routes. By realizing fast cycling routes, the province of Gelderland wants to encourage commuters to cycle more frequently instead of using the car or bus.

Fietsverhuur Arnhem

-Ordinary bicycles with gears




To rent a bike contact us at:

+31 (0) 6 133 688 77

All prizes are including 21% VAT/BTW.


We advise booking a bike at least 48 hours in advance.
Be at the rental location (Sonsbeeksingel 27/2 Arnhem) on time.
Return the bike at the agreed on time, and don’t be late! If there’s a problem with the bike, contact us ASAP.


Rental fee can be paid by cash only. Bring €50,- deposit. If the bike gets stolen or damaged we keep the €50,- deposit. If the bike gets stolen while in your care and you can not present the bikes lock-key we charge €500,-.

Pick up and return of the bike will be at an appointed time that works for both of us (since we’re out and about sometimes).

These are our Bike Tours: