Arnhem Events in March 2019

Arnhem Events in March 2019

In the following, you get to know what’s up in Arnhem in the month of March. The events range from music, theater, to special markets. There should be at least one thing for you!

We’d love to hear from you if you attended one, or contribute by sending us photos (to info@ArnhemLife.nl).

2/03  Modern Samurai (8+) Dance/ Ballet

The streets are gray, the future uncertain. The walls of brick and concrete. With a high jump, you end up on the roof where the sun shines. There is air on the roof. Modern Samurai is a smashing ISH performance full of freerunning, breakdance, and martial arts. Marco Gerris is inspired by the French movie Yamakasi from 2001, in which a group of young thrill-seekers tries to escape the narrow atmosphere of the disadvantaged neighborhoods through urban sport. But the boys have one goal: to steal just enough money from the rich to pay the heart surgery of a poor child from the suburbs.

  • Place: Stadstheater
  • Time: 19.30 to 20.55
  • Price: ca. 22€

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02-04/03 Dutch carnival: On-Ganse

We in the Netherlands also like to customize ourselves and have a great party!

02. March Saturday

We start the evening with a short session, after which we will turn the room upside down together. Several mopping orchestras take us along various swinging hits and real sing-alongs. Our own court chapel provides a relaxed entourage where it is good to stay and chat. Of course, we expect you in your finest carnival outfit, to start in style at 4 days OnGanse carnival!

3. March Sunday

After a long procession through the streets of Arnhem and hopefully to win nice prizes it is time for a spectacular party night.

4. March Monday

Arrive in style because today you can win great prizes for the best carnival outfit individually and of course, there is also a prize for the most beautiful and original group. Buy your tickets at the Party Grim Carnaval Shop, aan de Koningstraat 63 Arnhem, tel. 026-4455876!

  • Place: Musis Arnhem
  • Time: 19.30
  • Price: not known

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10. March Wijvenkraam, Eusebiuskerk

Surprises for your wardrobe, nice for your wallet and also good for the environment. You can score or sell popular-but-no-more-worn masterpieces during Wijvenkraam. The well-known fashion, vintage and design market for ‘girls’ of all ages will take place on Sunday in the Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem. It is not an average flea market, Wijvenkraam often counts stylists, collectors, designers, fashionholics and design enthusiasts among its sellers. Between 11:00 and 17:00 visitors can go to a wide range of unique designs and second-hand treasures. From special brands and vintage finds to beautifully homemade jewelry and art.

  • Pace: Eusebius Church
  • Time: 11:00 and 17:00
  • Price: no entrance fee

Click here for the website.

11/03 Dutch Philharmonia orchestra

This is something for classical music lovers. The orchestra is directed by Mark Albrecht. Violinist James Ehnes is part of the orchestra. They going to play the following programme:

  1. Wagner – Ouverture ‘Rienzi’
  2. Bruch – Schotse Fantasie, op. 46
  3. Beethoven – Symfonie nr. 6 in F, op. 68 ‘Pastorale’
  • Place: Musis
  • Time: 20.00
  • Price: € 37,53

Click here for the website.

23. March Jazznacht in Musis Sacrum

You are a Jazz-lover? Then this event is for you! If you are a foreigner you get a glimpse into the Jazz culture in Arnhem.

The line-up consists of De jazzkids, Jeugdjazzorkest (ArtEZ) De PuBi’s, Klarendal Jazzorkest o.l.v. Charlie Green, Sing a songwriters (ArtEZ), Guus Tangelder Bigband met Fay Claassen en Ronald Snijders, Jump’n Jive met Peter Kuit, Ewout Dercksen en the Dobs, Artvark saxofoonkwartet (‘Trance’), Oene van Geel en Philipp Rüttgers, Storyville Jassband and How About Rita?

  • Place: Musis
  • Time: not given
  • Price: not given

Click here for the website.

Every weekend: Party at Luxor

Luxor is THE club in Arnhem for special parties. Click here to go to the website to see what’s up right now!

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