Expats In The Netherlands: Why Do They Come Here? part 2

We are curious why expats come to live in The Netherlands. Is it love? A job? Or something else?
In this blog series we hope to find out more by interviewing expats who found a new home in our little country.

Hello, who are you?

My name is Amanda Slotboom, I am married to my Dutch husband, Maikel, and we have a 6 year old daughter.

How long ago did you come to The Netherlands and why?
We moved to the Netherlands in July of 2017 to be closer to my husband’s family.

Tell me about where you work or study please.
I currently work from home, continuing to do my online consulting work with psychologists in Canada.

Amanda and her family

Amanda and her family

What surprised you the most about The Netherlands?
I’m not sure if its the Netherlands, Dutch culture, or just our family, but it seems that spending time with family is much more important to people here and I love it!

Any strange habits that stand out?
I’m not sure if I’d say the 3 kisses or congratulating everyone for someone’s birthday!

What place would you suggest people should visit while in The Netherlands (apart from Amsterdam)?
We have visited several places around the Netherlands and loved the adventures! We’ve taken a train to Zandvoort and played by the sea on a cool fall day, we’ve gone to Maastricht and walked around the centre, admiring the old architecture and the amazing food.

We still have a few places on our bucket list, including Amersfoort for family history reasons (WWII transport camp), and I can’t wait to go to Haarlem!

Maastricht, photo from Pixabay

Maastricht, photo from Pixabay

Did you hear about Arnhem back home?
I heard a lot about Arnhem because my husband was born and raised here. We had also visited 4 times before making the decision to move.

Any advice for someone new to the country?
Don’t panic if you don’t know Dutch, but practice and learn the language as soon as you can. Many speak English well, but in the smaller cities, like Arnhem, Dutch is important.

Do you wan to tell us why you came to the Netherlands too? Contact us at ArnhemLife@gmail.com. We’d love to hear form you!



Lots of expats come to live in The Netherlands, but why? We are curious to find out!

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