New Mexican In Town: Popocatepetl

New Mexican In Town: Popocatepetl

You may have already seen the ‘New Mexican In Town: Popocatepetl’ promo’s in Arnhem. The announcement of the new restaurant on the Gele Rijders Plein had the town buzzing.
We tried almost everything on the menu so that you don’t have to. Yes, that is how far we go to please our readers! 😉

Mexican 2.0

At most Mexican restaurants you are greeted by bright colors and heavy ‘Mexican’ decorations on the wall such as sombreros and colorful nicknacks. At ‘Popo’ you won’t find sombreros, it has a more modern look and feeling. This is a new concept for the 35-year-old brand. All existing 7 restaurants will get this ‘2.0’ makeover.
The style might look familiar for those who are no stranger to next door bar/restaurant Stan&Co since it has the same owner. This style does work as Stan&Co always seems to be bursting with guests.

Tasting the Menu

Like I mentioned before, we tried almost everything on the menu and that was not easy! As the starters hit our table we didn’t know where to begin! Not trying to look greedy we slowly filled our plate with a little of this and that: crispy calamari, marinated salmon, sticky chicken wings and roasted peppers. It all tasted delicious! Looking at the topping of the thinly sliced beef and guessing it must be larvae of some sort, we gathered our courage and decided to give them a try. Turned out it was fried rice. Pfew!

After the second plate of starters, we were sure that they all tasted good. As we filled our belly’s with some nacho crisps, cocktails and wine the table was cleared and the main course was being prepared.

Main Course is Served

After some chit chat main course was served. We had a taste of the spicy lam stew, tasty cod, enchilada, fajita, and burito. We combined them with the sauses, even the very hot one. Good thing we just ordered a margarita to extinguish the heat.
Since the menu has so many mouthwatering dishes you could always go for the option to share with your +1 or friends. Why taste only one dish when you could taste multiple!?

Room for Desert?

To make clear, we shared our dishes with many more people so the plates left the table empty.
Although we felt we couldn’t eat anymore for sure we were curious to see what the deserts looked like. When they hit the table we all found a little extra space in our belly’s for the churro’s, corn flan & ice cream (surprisingly delicious!) and ‘popo de volcano’ that is set on fire at the table. It looks spectacular as you can see below in the video.

Photo: Anne travel foodie Instagram

See You Soon Popocatepetl

We had a great time at Popocatepetl and will be back soon for snacks and cocktails. Already looking forward to summer when Popo has a huge terras of 160 seats around the AKU fountain.

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After dinner I felt like Joey Tribbiani 😀

Find out what we think of the new Mexican in town.

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