Comfort Food at Meatball@nr.3 in Arnhem

New in Arnhem: Meatballs@nr.3

When you are looking for some good comfort food you should make a reservation at ‘Meatballs@nr. 3′ in Arnhem. They are new, have been open since September and are doing pretty well. We were curious about the concept and tried some of the meatballs ourselves.

Prize Winning Meatball

‘Meatball@nr.3’ had just opened its doors when it already won a prize. The restaurant entered a meatball competition to see if they could compete with other (regular) restaurants and butcher shops in The Netherlands. It turns out they can.
The meatball restaurant got a 3rd prize in the competition to decide who makes the best meatballs in The Netherlands. They could have gotten the 1st prize, but due to a lack of reading the competing rules (they needed to enter 3 of the same meatballs,not 3 different ones..) they got a 3rd prize. Still a very good result and after tasting the meatballs, we are not surprised at all that they made it into the top 3 of The Netherlands, the meatballs taste delicious!

Cosy Restaurant on ‘Het Eiland’

‘Meatball@nr. 3’ is located on ‘Het Eiland’ in the heart of Arnhem center. The cosy restaurant had space for about 20 people and has a warm and welcoming feel to it. Owners Silvia and Jurgen will take care of you from the moment you step in. The only thing you have to worry about is what to order.

There are a variety of meatballs to choose from. We tried the ‘classic’ and the ‘special’ meatball and combined them with a delicious potato masher and risotto with some greens on the side. The food was amazing! No nonsense, hardy comfort food. We could totally see ourselves sitting here after a hard day’s work when you just want tasty food to fill your belly.

The restaurant is not just open for dinner, but also for lunch. Order a ‘benedict egg sandwich’ or a small portion of meatballs and combine it with a light salad. Mix and match to your own liking.

Happy Staff Makes Happy Guests

After finishing our last bites of the meatballs (‘I’m not sure what to have as my last bite, the jelly meatball or delis risotto…’) we had little room left in a dessert.
After taking one last look at the dessert menu, we decided to stick to a cup of coffee. Miriam ordered a regular coffee and I could not resist the ‘special coffee’ that incuded an ice cream ball. I almost could not finish it, but it surely was tasty, even on a cold autumn day.

We highly recommend you to try these prize winning meatballs yourself and are curious to find out which ones are your favorites.
Eet Smakelijk! 😀

New in Arnhem: a place where you can get no nonsense, good comfort food.

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