New Gallery In Arnhem: Fleur Art

New Hotspot Gallery in Arnhem: Fleur Art

Fleur Art is just the kind of place we love to write about. The gallery beams a positive energy and the warm and colorful interior will draw you in. Fleur will welcome you herself and before you know it you’ll find yourself sitting on a swing or smashing some plates (read about this below).
Locals or visits to Arnhem might not pass by this shop on their own so that’s why we like to promote places like this.
Fleur Art sure is a great addition to Arnhem!

Less Bla Bla Bla, More Ha Ha Ha

Fleur used to work for the Score company, but after seven years she decided it was time to turn her hobby (painting) into a business. And so Fleur Art was born!
The phrase ‘Less bla bla bla, more ha ha ha’ says alot about how Fleur runs her business. People sometimes forget to have fun and are filled with stress. At Fleurs Art you can let go, forget about your grown up life for a while and find your inner child. Have fun on the swing or sit down in one of the cosy corners and relax.

Fun Events At Fleur Art

Fleur organises many fun events at her gallery: painting workshops for kids and adults, movie nights, tarot cards consulting, social get togethers or anything you might need her amazing space for.
You can also drop in at the gallery to use the place as a ‘flexplek’. Sick of working in your office? When in need of a change of scenery you can work there for an hour or so for free.

Paintings, Minerals, Jewelry and Crystals

The paintings that you see on the wall are all for sale and made by Fleur herself. She also sells beautiful stones, minerals, jewelry and crystals. Her selection is quite large, so when you are looking for some new healing minerals or just an eye-catcher in your home you should visit Fleur’s gallery.

Get Rid Of Stress In The SMASH box

The SMASH box? Yes! The SMASH box. The only one in the Netherlands. You can buy a plate for just €1,50 and even write something on the plate that symbolises the smash. An ex boyfriend, that stupid boss, your mother in-law… or even counting down the days until your holiday. It’s all about letting go and leaving the gallery feeling happier. I’ve smashed some plates already, not to release any anger, but just for fun, and believe me: it’s fun! 😀

There is also a ‘happy hour’ for the SMASH box. Buy one plate, get one free. The ‘happy hour’ is every Friday between 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
Even better: you can WIN 10 free plates to SMASH, for yourself or to give to a friend. How to win? Tag a friend in the Facebook post on the ArnhemLife FB page who could really use the chance to SMASH some plates and perhaps soon you both can let go of some stress at Fleur Art!
As you can see in the video below, it’s not that easy! I tried to hit the red mark on the wall, but wasn’t even close and one plate didn’t even break! I guess I need more practice…

Special Gifts At Fleur Art

At Fleur Art you can also find many special gifts sush as a Jericho Rose, shark teeth or little glass bottles filled with gold or silver. Who would not like to get a bottle of gold as a gift!

Fleur Art is located at the Nieuwstraat 29 in Arnhem, just a few meters away from the Rhne river. The gallery is opened every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 12pm and 7pm.

Check out the Fleur Art website or follow the Facebook page for updates. Fleur Art can also be found on Instagram.

Visit this new creative hotspot at the Nieuwstraat 29 in Arnhem

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