Lunchrooms in Arnhem that are AWESOME!

Lunchrooms in Arnhem that are AWESOME!

Arnhem has many nice places where you can grab lunch but if you don’t know where to look they could be hard to find. That’s why we made this list for you! We chose our favorite 7 lunchrooms in Arnhem.

Bos & Heij Café & Store / Kerkstraat 36

This former gift shop is now a gift shop/lunchroom. It is run by sisters Daphne and Janneke.
Most of what they serve at Bos & Heij is homemade and organic. Don’t have time to stay for lunch? Not a problem. Everything they offer is available as takeout.

In the store, you’ll find beautiful home decorations, vintage and new, children’s toys and jewelry. To leave the shop empty-handed is not possible. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with at least one of the cute, beautiful or one of a kind products they sell.

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s are taken from the Bos & Heij Instagram page.

Mo Lón / Kortestraat 25

Mo Lón is best known for their delicious pulled pork sandwich. Slow roasted pork shoulder on a bed of pickled red cabbage held together by a crispy bun. What’s not to like right! Fun fact is that they don’t serve you the sandwich on a plate. You get it wrapped in paper. To eat there or take out.

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s taken from the Mo Lón Facebook page.

De Tostibar / Koningstraat 69a

This new lunchroom created quite a buzz in Arnhem. Pre-opening the Tostibar treated us at photos of mouthwatering tostis and a stylish, modern interior. It seemed like everyone wanted to try this typical Dutch lunch that the Tostibar reinvented and transformed into a modern sandwich.
Although, the menu isn’t too big it’s still hard to choose a Tosti. Best is to just start from the top and work your way down on a weekly base. :)Veggie lunch options also available.
*Photo’s are taken from De Tostibar Instagram page.

First Eet / Markt 27

One of my personal favorite lunchrooms is First Eet. They serve food that is a feast for the taste buds. Kick back and just soak in the beautiful one of a kind place for lunch. Combine it with a trip to the Friday or Saturday market that is right outside First Eet and make it into an enjoyable weekly tradition!

Besides being a lunchroom First Eet also is a shop that sells kitchenware and household items. Not the kind they sell at Blokker or Ikea but household items that actually makes your home looks nicer without even using them!

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s are taken from the First Eet Instagram page.

Het Hemelrijk / Hemelrijk 52-53 might have passed Het Hemelrijk many times already without even knowing it. It’s a bit hidden and located in a ‘hofje’, in a building behind the shops on the Bakkerstraat. The terrace in inviting and makes you want to take a break from shopping. The city sounds are blocked by the buildings that surround Het Hemelrijk.

With a more traditional, perhaps old fashioned menu, I would still recommend you stop here for lunch. There’s nothing wrong with a classic club sandwich, tosti (nothing like the ones served at the Tostibar) or uitsmijter (the way Dutch people eat eggs on bread, really nice actually!).

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s are taken from people posting photo’s on Instagram about Het Hemelrijk.

Urban Chef / Koningstraat 50

With seasonal dishes on the menu there is always a good excuse to make your way back to Urban Chef. The cozy decor, inside, on the terrace or in the garden will invite you in while strolling through the Koningstraat. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Urban Chef also is a trattoria! Oh, and the carrot cake is DIVINE!

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s are taken from the Urban Chef Instagram page.

Hemels / Kerkstraat 3

On a diet? Better take a ‘cheat day’ while stepping into the Hemeles lunchroom! They serve all kinds of pastry, cookies, tarts, and goodness that’s hard to resist. Yes, Hemels also has healthy options for lunch but you can eat healthy any other day of the week so I’d say just go for it! ‘Hemels’ translated into English means ‘heavenly’ and it’s the perfect name for this patisserie/espresso bar. Can you see yourself sitting on the terrace enjoying a coffee and yummy cheesecake? I know I can…

Veggie lunch options were also available.
*Photo’s are taken from the Hemels Instagram page.

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Visiting Arnhem and looking for a place to sit down for a nice lunch? Do so at one of these local lunchrooms!

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