Delicious Dining at ‘T Amusement in Arnhem

Delicious Dining at ‘T Amusement in Arnhem

Sometimes you pay like 30 euro for a diner that turns out to be not that great. For a special occasion I would suggest you to pay just a little bit more and get a real exclusive diner at ‘T Amusement (Roermondsplein 35).
For example, celebrating your first years anniversary, like I did. Chef is Estée Strooker, winner of the TV show Masterchef Holland 2010. Her dishes look so pretty that they make you feel like you are a judge the TV show. And the judging will turn out positive, just take my word!

No Food Waste

Chef Estée uses as many seasonal organic ingredients as possible. She promotes pure and fair food with a minimum of waste. My boyfriend got organs on his plate sush as fawn heart and tongue (they told him after he had eaten it, otherwise people will already judge it and not even try it!). Just to show that it taste just as great as for instance a steak and you don’t have to throw it away. I am a big proponent of that vision and to my opinion that makes it worth the money even more.
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Create Your Own Table Cloth

At ‘T Amusement you get to choose between three to seven courses. As it was a special occasion fot us we chose six. Six courses can take quite some time to cook and eat. We arrived at six and left around ten thirty. To pass the time inbetween meals they came up with something we really enjoyed. The table cloth is made from paper and they provide you a markers, so you can draw on the table cloth. How cool is that! So every time the waiter came to bring us wine or a new dish I saw him peeking on our drawings. At the end our whole table cloth was filled with drawings, games and texts. And we left a note to thank them for the good food and service.

Masterchef Menu at ‘T Amusement

We truely got a Masterchef Menu at ‘T Amusement! We started off with a really inventive appetizer. A small tea cup was served upside down with a macron with marinated onions and beetroot on top. Once we finished that, we could lift up the cup and find another bite on the saucer underneath. This was a barbecue radish with asparagus crème. And then a waiter filled our cup with some asparagus soup. A joyful way to start our menu!

The rest of the dishes were not inferior to this. All served evenly beautiful, a lot of care was given to every single dish. My favorite dish was the one with saffron asparagus with a carrot gravy. Or the spring salad with a spinach pancake and purple potatoes. Oh, or maybe the dessert with rhubarb and magnolia jelly! Well, I clearly cannot choose, this shows that all the dishes were delicious. Even the macrons and fudge we got served with the coffee were delicious! At the end we got the written menu to take home with us. The waiter made a joke about us probably not remembering all we had eaten. Well, he was right.

Salad Restaurant Slaatje Bla

If you want Estee’s food, but just a little cheaper you can go to Slaatje Bla, a salad bar in Klarendal. You can choose between different salads, but she also serves other dishes like soups or sandwiches. You can dine in or take away and when you are really lazy, they also offer a delivery service from 17.00.
With this salad bar Estëe has the same vision as she does in ‘T Amusement, so using fresh, mainly organic seasonal products.
‘Slaatje Bla” actually is a playfull change to ‘blaatje sla” which meand ‘little leaf of lettuce’.

The first and youngest Dutch Masterchef winner also has a cooking show on the Dutch cooking channel ’24 Kitchen’ and she has her very own vegetarian cookbook callel ‘Vlees noch Vis!
Slaatje Bla (Klarendalseweg 34) is open daily from 12.00 till 20.00.

Blog and photo’s by ArnhemLife blogger Franka Otten.

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Chef is Estée Strooker, winner of the TV show Masterchef Holland 2010 opened 2 retaurants in Arnhem.
Find out where you can get her delicious organic food here.

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