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Loesje Posters in the City Centre of Arnhem

You might have seen the Loesje posters in the city centre of Arnhem. But what are they? And whowrites them? Well, every person like you and me can write them.
“Loesje” is a group ofpeople who started in Arnhem and they try to make the world a little better. “Loesje” thinkseverybody can change the world, not by going into politics or by becoming a manager, butjust by spreading the word.

She (As in “Loesje”) started doing that in 1983 by writing and spreading criticaland humoristic posters. She writes the quotes with local groups, in workshops and with people online.
The topics are about current issues in the country or world. Think of climate change,politics, Valentine’s day, school, digitalization, seasons, special days and so on.

If you like Loesje; JOIN

If you like Loesjes’ idea and you like writing, you can join the Loesje club. For 30 euro a yearyou get the posters and magazine and you will also be invited to write or spread the posters.
You can also go to a rural meeting once a month, to join the writing workshop andphilosophy training. You will be invited to the summer camp as well, where “Loesje” friendsfrom all over the world exchange ideas and participate in workshops. Check the “Loesje” website formore information.

“Loesje” has a shop as well, you can find it at the Hommelsestraat 65. Here you can buy diaries,posters, calendars, aprons and other gift items. For more information about “Loesje” you canalso hop in.
“Loesje” has spread some English written posters as well, have you seen themyet?

It’s not just “Loesje” who writes the quotes. Sometimes her brother, uncle, mother and grandparents also make their thoughts known to the world!

ArnhemLife loves Loesje

ArnhemLife loves the “Loesje” posters too and sometimes we shot the International ones here in Arnhem. We post them om Instagram and link them straight to Twitter.
Recently when we checked our Twitter feed we got a little shock. A “Loesje” picture went a little viral! The picture was retweeted 45 times and reached over 27.000 people!
Holy moly!!

Blog by ArnhemLife blogger Franka Otten. Pictures by Loesje International and ArnhemLife and Franka Otten.

Yes, Loesje is from Arnhem! Have you ever seen her quotes somewhere?

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