Haute Dog Arnhem: New Hotspot In Town

Haute Dog Arnhem: New Hotspot In Arnhem

It’s always nice to know “certain people”. In this case it’s the owner of the new “Haute Dog Arnhem” restaurant at the Spijkerlaan Nr 3 in Arnhem. We were so lucky to get a preview on all the delicious hot dogs that will be on the menu as of TODAY! (Noon April 19th 2017.)

Hot Dogs in Arnhem

The restaurant was planned to open in the beginning of March but stripping and re-decorating former restaurant “Het Proeflokaal” took a little longer than expected. Not to mention that the owner (Harold) now is a 1st time father since a little over 2 weeks. He told me that he no longer knows the meaning of the word “sleep” as he continues to welcome guests and place orders for the restaurant’s Chef. It’s like he doesn’t even need sleep! (much respect.)

Local Produce Hot Dogs

On the menu there is a nice variety of hot dogs. We already had a taste of the “Indian Dog” the “German Dog” and the “Just a Dog”. The dishes are accomplished by a nice fresh salad and, we have to be honest.. Since this is a food review: THE BEST FRENCH FRIES IN ARNHEM. Seriously, not even Ratelband’s “Haphoek” or Sergio Herman’s “Frites Atelier” can top this. **Read about the French frites “war” here**

Meat AND Vegetarian Sausage!

The juicy hot dogs recipe is created by top chef Alain Caron. Good news for the vegetarians among us: you’ll be happy to know that there is a delicious veggie option on the menu too! Other options are chicken and pork hot dogs.

The buns are made by bakery “Tom van Otterloo” and the meat by organic butcher Biologische slagerij De Groene Weg Arnhem, both local shops! The hot dogs start cost €7,50 to €9,50 and this makes Haute Dog Arnhem a great place to stop by for students, as well as anyone who want to go out for dinner but not make it into a 3 hour thing.

There is room for 60 people at this cozy restaurant. The interior looks great! Trendy and welcoming. There is a bar where you can hang out while you wait on your hot dog “to go” (in the near future..). So handy!

There is quite a buzz about this new restaurant so when you decide to go grab a bite at Haute Dog Arnhem, be sure to make a reservation. You can do so by calling this number: 026-8443909. Keep up with al the “Haute Dog Arnhem” news by following their Facebook page!

We were so lucky to get a preview on all the delicious hot dogs that will be on the menu as of TODAY! (Noon April 19th 2017)

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