Kings Night + Kings Day in Arnhem: All you need to know!

King’s Night + King’s Day in Arnhem 2017

Get your orange shirt and spirit on because April is approaching! The annual King’s day is just weeks away and here’s your exclusive guide for celebrating King’s day in Arnhem just like any Dutchie would!

Previously known as Queen’s day, now King’s day!

Previously known as Queen’s day, the first birthday to be celebrated from this tradition was Queen Wilhemina’s (1185 – 1948). The tradition continued for three generations as Queen’s day on April 30th until the crowning of King Willem-Alexander in 2013.
Now, King’s day is the royal celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on the 27th of April. He ‘s currently occupying the throne as a king after 123 years. During King’s day, you would notice the crowd of people wearing orange, because, what’s a better way to celebrate the king’s birthday than wearing the color of the Royal Dutch Family?

Koningsmarkt in Arnhem

This year, the annual Koningsmarkt will be held at the Gele Rijdersplein. In the market, you are allowed to rent a market stall for €39 and sell your stuff/clutter throughout the day, so for you who wants to empty the closet, here’s the answer! The market is always very busy so don’t wait too long to show for great bargains.

Below are the information about renting a stall:
When: Thursday, 6th April 2017 from 18.00 – 20.00
Saturday, 8th April 2017 from 11.00 – 12.00

Where: In lunchroom “Kuifjes Corner” in the corner of the Bakkerstraat 26 and the Pastoorstraat. You can find the people from the marktorganisatie ready to help!
Further information:

Fun Things to do for Kids during King’s day in Arnhem

Looking for fun activities for the kids? Kidsproof has a list of solutions. Kidsproof provides tips and inspiration for fun activities and kid-friendly restaurants. Taking over the koningsdag program this year, there are several options you can choose:
King’s Park Sonsbeek: Fun activities will be organized throughout the entire park! A full program can soon be accessed in: -kinderactiviteiten/donderdag-27-april-2017
Location: Zijpendaalseweg 24 A 6814 CL Arnhem

King’s Feast Schaarsbergen: The day will be started by the view of decorated bicycles, scooters, and carts. The parents are welcome to enjoy market stalls, selling children’s clothes, toys and many more!
Location: Kemperbergerweg, Schaarsbergen

King’s Day at the Playground: When you hear the word playground, that’s where the kids can have the most fun! Location: Rode Kruislaan 1, Dieren

And many more activities you can access here on:

The King of Festivals in the Netherlands: Arnhem!

For the party people, this is your day to shine! KING SIZE ARNHEM is the ultimate answer destination for you to bring all your friends and wear your party hat.
Located in the hear of Arnhem, Markt te Arnhem, the party will start in (King’s Night) April 26th from 06.00 pm – 12.00 am and the after party you can find in Korenmarkt in (King’s Day) April 27th from 12.00 pm – 12.00 am.

Loads more info can be found on the Kingsize website and Facebook page.

Line up: Sidney Samson, Moksi, The Flexican, Fredy Morreira, Afro Bros and many more!
After party: 5th Avenue, Freaky Piano Bar, Aspen Valley, Plaza

Photo by Kingsize website.

King’s Day Party Locations in Arnhem

We’ve also made a list for you with all the King’s day party events in Arnhem we could find.
Don’t wait too long if there is “buying a ticket” involved. Gather up some friends and have an amazing time!

*Konings Nacht + Konings Dag at the Korenmarkt
*Pink Square 
*Barley’s Beergarten King’s Night
*King’s Night at TAPE
*King’s Day at the Jansplaats

*Beat The BridgeWe will continue to add new parties that we find online to keep you up to date on where the party is at!

Where to look for King’s Day attributes in Arnhem

Feeling festive yet? You can easily head to So Low in Arnhem Centrum for various selections of King’s day attributes! Other shops that are perfect to score some orange “must haves” are HEMA and Action. From hats to the must-have orange t-shirt, you can get them all!

So Low
Jansstraat 28

Rijnstraat 38

Nieuwstraat 8

We would LOVE it if you would send us a pic of your best King’s Night / King’s Day outfit! Don’t be shy, come and join in on the fun like a true Dutchy! 🙂

Blog by HAN student/ArnhemLife blogger Annisa Kania Putri.

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