“Liebster Award” Nomination for ArnhemLife

ArnhemLife is nominated by “Op Reis Met Ome Hein” for the “Liebster Award”. The Liebster Award is an online award for bloggers. The award is intended to mark and to get to know the person behind the blog. “Op Reis Met Ome Hein” nominated ArnhemLife because they like the information we provide about Arnhem on different subjects. As City buddies we are so happy they nominated us!

Who is “Op Reis Met Ome Hein”?

Op Reis Met Ome Hein” is a Dutch travel blog by Heleen, Pieter, Anne and Thijs. The blog is a community for travelers who love to explore the globe. When Heleen, Pieter, Anne and Thijs travel they take us readers along with them. Where to? Places like China, Istanbul, Belgrade, Mongolia and the Dutch Wadden Islands.

What “Op Reis Met Ome Hein” wants to know about ArnhemLife.

Part of the award nomination is that the nominating party can ask some questions to the blog they are nominating. This way you get to know the blog and the people behind it a little better! 🙂

1. What does the perfect travel destination look like?
A combination of city and nature with time well spent on sightseeing.
2016 was pretty amazing! I got to cross 6 destinations of mij list. Sometimes you find return tickets online for €50 or less and moments later you’ve booked a ticket! That is how me and a friend ended up in Ibiza and Dublin. I booked a city trip to London to test my camera (perfect excuse) and for summer holiday I flew to Bali/Lombok to get over my dislike for sand and too mush sun.

We also booked 2 city trips at the “srprs.me” travel agency. You actually find out where you’ll go at the Airport! You get a weather report 1 week before departure and the time and airport where you need to be. There you scratch your scratch card, type in the code on your mobile and find out the destination! Ours were Prague and Nice.

2. Who do you like to travel with and why?
This can either be a friend or just my camera. She makes for a great companion too! When traveling with a friend: you can share in memories and always have someone to tag a long or tag along with. The downside is that sometimes you have to do some concessions on where you want to go.
Having my camera as a companion means I can go where I want to go, for as long as I want. The downside is that she is not fun to talk to at all and going out to dinner or to a pub really is not as much fun as it would be when you bring a friend!

3. What do you do when you don’t travel?
I Keep very busy. Right now I’m giving guided city tours in Arnhem, welcoming guests in my AirBNB, Working on setting up a hostel in Arnhem, photographing and blogging for ArnhemLife.

4. What must be in your suitcase when you travel?
Chargers! I seem to always forget them so now I just keep them in my suitcase so I will at least know where they are.

5. What is your best travel decision ever?
To go to Bali with a large group. The trip wasn’t all fun for me, since I didn’t fit in the group…. Quite odd because I’m usually the life of the party! I was not used to do stuff on my own but after 4 days on the Bali trip I decided to not cling to the group but go my own way. It was like the universe told me to do so. On the plane I was seated far away from my group, the 1st night I had a room for myself while others were placed together (which is not a bad thing, in general). A friend even bought me a “how to travel solo” book for my birthday that I tossed into my bag at the last moment. It really came in handy! When I made the decision to go my own way I instantly felt better (and after that I REALLY didn’t fit into the group anymore! lol).
It taught me that I am a strong person and very capable of doing things on my own. I do not always need to be entertained or entertain! Now I actually book city trips on my own and really enjoy them.

6. Where will you be in 10 years from now?
Hopefully ArnhemLife will continue to grow, I will have a few bloggers who provide content on a monthly base, will every other day give guided city tours in Arnhem and monthly will be able to visit a city in Europe.

7. What is the perfect way to relax?
When I’m in Arnhem, I visit the cinema a lot. I have this unlim
ited card so sometimes I’ll see 2 movies in a row. At special occasions (like a marathon) I even watch 5 in 1 day!

8. What country do you NOT want to visit?
Any country where is a war right now… And will wait till Trump is gone before I go to America again.

9. How much time to you spend on 1 blog?
It depends… Sometimes a blog just seems to write itself and other times it takes me a long time. It is not a 10 minute job, as some may think. You have to write it, look for pictures to go with them, and since you (I) like original content I usually take the pictures myself. Than you have to place the blog and make it look nice. All and all it takes a good few hours.

10. What is your favorite means of transport?
My two legs! I like to walk around. Biking is not my thing, really. I don’t have a car (but do miss it) and travel by train or bus to get around. When I go somewhere and the weather is nice, I love to walk even if it takes me an hour to get there. This is when the weather is nice… I am not an idiot. 😉

ArnhemLife nominated these blogs for a Liebster Award

(All blogs are in Dutch)

Not in any particular order:
1. Travelblog “Reisvlinder” tells you about beautiful fights that you might miss while visiting a city. Beautiful photo’s really make the blog come alive!

2. “Fab and Fit on a Budget” Food blog with great tips on how to eat healthy while on a diet. Who does not like this!!

3. Read “Laura’s Blog” when you are looking to restyle your home. She even had a very successful instagram – meet here in Arnhem. Great stuff!

4. Another food blog. “Foodblabla” mostly writes about events, bars and restaurants in Arnhem. Besides review you will also find loads of recipes on the website. It’s always nice to try a new recipe!

5. “Bloei in Arnhem” writes about anything that has to do with organic lifestyle, nature,animals and food that’s going on in Arnhem. THE blog in Arnhem for everyone who wants to live a more sustainable life.

Questions for the nominated blogs

1. Why did you start the blog?
2. What do you do besides blogging?
3. What is your worst habit?
4. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?
5. Where is your dream vacation?
6. What is your favorite post that you’ve written?
7. What photo on your blog do you like the best?
8. If your blog could get a mention somewhere (other blog, magazine, tv show) what would that be?
9. What travel destination is next on your list?
10. Dream big: Any future plans for your blog?

When the blogs mentioned above accept the nomination they too have to write a bout about it and nominate 5 other blogs that they think deserve a mention.
This does not have to be in English, it can be in Dutch or any other language. 

ArnhemLife is nominated by “Op Reis Met Ome Hein” for the “Liebster Award”. The “Liebster Award” is an online award for bloggers. The award is intended to place the blog in the spotlight and to get to know the person behind the blog!

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