Nature And Wildlife in Arnhem – Photoblog

Arnhem’s nature and wildlife!

Colorful Willemsplein in Arnhem

The 1st signs of spring are here! Time to hit Arnhem with our camera and capture the nature and wildlife the city has to offer.

Arnhems slowly turns purple as the sun breaks. I don’t know how many crocuses were planted but they seem to pop up everywhere! The most beautiful crocuses locations are at Willemsplein and Velperplein. The pictures below were taken at Willemsplein.

Wildlife at Stadsblokken Meinerswijk

Do you ever visit the Stadsblokken Meinerswijk? If so, than you know the beauty it holds.
Galloway cows and Konik horses stroll around and can even be approached! But please be careful! These are still wild animals and you do not want an angry bull coming after you!
Visit the rusty building, a perfect location to do some bird watching.
In Stadsblokken Meinerswijk you can also find loads of history. You can find a few bunkers, remains from when we thought the Russians were coming and even remains of a Roman Castellum!

Early morning at Sonsbeek Park

The best time to visit Sonsbeek Park to get some nice shots must be early in the morning. The park and it’s residents are slowly waking up and there are not many people around. After 9am you will see an increase of people walking their dogs and joggers.
My friend Julie and I were lucky enough to get some beautiful shots. The swan came to us and started grooming itself right in front of us! I never noticed how fluffy a swan actually is. 🙂

We hope you liked the photo’s and feel inspired!
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