Pasar Malam at Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem 2016/2017

Pasar Malam at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem

If you’re looking for a unique event to go to with your family this holiday? Then head over to Burgers’ Zoo! Because starting from today, you will be able to see a glimpse of Indonesia in the event Pasar Malam.
The event is held in the end of 2016 from 27th to 30th December, and the start of 2017 from the 2nd to 7th January.

Impressed Indonesian Girl

As an Indonesian myself studying in Arnhem, I was really keen to see the event for myself. After going to the first day of the event, I was pleased to tell you I am highly IMPRESSED!
From the moment I entered the gate, I was happy to see how many visitors there are. The event is spread all over Burgers’ Zoo and it includes: authentic Indonesian food, ANY kinds of Indonesian souvenirs, and art performance.

You can easily find the indonesian food buffet in the Bush area. The minute you walked into the restaurant, you will be greeted by the scent of tropics. The package includes a meal with soda of your choice and it costs €13.50. And of course, there are other package deals in the restaurant, including Gado Gado and Kip Sate. You will also be entertained by the performance in the restaurant!

Mini Indonesian Market

The one that impressed me the most was ALL kinds of souvenirs that you can buy in the event, it looks like a mini Indonesian market! From snacks, sweet, Indonesian street food, accessories, fabric, wood and glass decorations, you name it! It didn’t feel like being in the Zoo at all for me, I feel back home in Indonesia and they’re very affordable. Last but not least is the Art Performance. Indonesia is highly known for its diversity, including in Heritage and art and you can witness them yourself here! And the good news is, this event is Annual so you can always come back every year.

WIN 2 tickets to the zoo!

Tag a friend in the Facebook post who you want to take to the zoo and like the ArnhemLife Facebook page to enter. Yes that’s it! You can enter as many times as you like so tag away! 😀
Good luck!! You have until January 3rd to enter. Tickets are also valid after the Pasar Malam.


Date: 27th-30th December and 2nd-7th January
Days ticket:
-Adults: €21.00
-Kids: €19.00
Night ticket (15.00 – 20.00): €10.00

Blog and Photo’s By: Annisa Kania Putri.
Annisa is an Indonesian darling living in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She is an International student in HAN university of Applied Sciences. “Always open for feedback and a friend! Send me an email in:”

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Looking for a unique event to go to with your family this holiday? We found the perfect spot for you!

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