Winter wonderland Near Arnhem

Christmas Time At Intratuin Duiven

Christmas time in Arnhem is always a treat, but if your willing to travel 10 km further you will be well rewarded. Intratuin Duivenn is a twinkling garden centre packed full of hopeful trees and special almond coffees on sale.

First Giant Room: Merry-Go-Round

In the first giant room of the centre there is a free merry-go-round for children with the usual fire engines, horses and motorbikes to choose from. Next to this is the cunningly placed stall selling hot chocolate and hot dogs to parents who are sneaking in a smug treat before hauling their kids from one vehicle to another in-between the rides.

Christmas World In Miniature

A little further into the garden centre, the next surprise tops it all. A Christmas World in miniature form is packed full of details which will keep both the casual and the keen-eye busy wondering at how long it took to assemble; tiny trains whizz past Santa’s stuck in a trees or couples ice-skating on a lake. It may feel a little dark in the room, but it also sets an atmosphere dictated by tiny lights and endless music. Probably best not to stay the whole day otherwise you may feel like you have disappeared into a different dimension, but do give yourself time to explore all the hidden gems and treats around the corners. There are scenes with beautiful little stories being played out that are easy to overlook with a casual glance.

More Christmas Decorations Upstairs

The last throws of Christmas celebration can be found upstairs where the entire floor caters to your every decoration need or desire. The ascent and descent on the escalator sets the tone and is decorated in a traditional Dickens-style theme. As with the previous rooms, the devil is in the detail and kids will be happy to fill the time with endless up and down trips whilst you ponder over your decorating ambitions for this year. Or which seasonal delight you plan to eat at the café.

Christmas Overload Interspersed By Splatterings Of Normality

The rest of the garden centre is as it usually is, and this balance between intense Christmas overload interspersed by splatterings of normality actually works. After all, where else can you buy a Christmas tree, train set and rabbit?! As for improvements…maybe Intratuin should think about moving their fragile items up from the floor, out of the reach of curious little hands. Whoops!

Blog and photo’s by: Sophie Kollewijn-Hopkins – a mum of 2 and a cake addict. You can read her blog at:

Christmas is nearly here… Head over to Intratuin to get your essentials, luxuries and inspiration.

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