French Fries War in Arnhem

French Fries War in Arnhem


French Fries War in Arnhem

WOW that sounds both scary and something I’d like to be a part of. Either way, “French Fries War in Arnhem” makes for a great title.

There is something going on though. Tuesday November 1st a new French Fries/Chips shop opened in Arnhem and it created quite a buzz. Dutch gourmet chef Sergio Hermand opened his fancy chips shop at the corner of the Vijzelstraat and the Bakkerstraat. The “Frites Atelier” is a new sort of chain and already has shops in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag.

Fancy Frites

So what’s special about these fries? Chef Hermand selected the best potatoes out of a hundred kind he tasted. He re-tests every month to see what potatoes are best at the moment.
He also makes his own mayonnaise, you can choose out of 5 kinds (béarnaise, classic, basilicum, truffle and pepper) and/or you can add some peanut butter sauce (pindasaus) to top it off. (Is that just a Dutch thing? When you haven’t tried that yet, you should. It’s delish…)

No more financial crisis

Judging by the line at the opening day and the costs of order I can only conclude that the financial crises in The Netherlands are over. Regular fries costs €3,50 and 2 toppings (of the mayonnaise) cost €1,50 extra. The peanut butter sauce cost €2,-. You can also try something different like the “Sergio’s Premium Caesar Style”. It’s basically a Caesar salad/fries mash up. I tried this one and it certainly was something different! Another option is the “Butcher’s Choice”. For €4,50 you get a meat topping, I might have to try this one next time, just out of curiosity!

The competition

Well, know chips shop “De Haphoek” seems to be the biggest competition to the “Frites Atelier”. “De Haphoek” is located at the Roggestraat 31 since 1978 (but since 1949 in Arnhem) and is now run by Rolls Ratelband. He is the third generation that runs the fries shop. Before, his father Emile Ratelband managed the business (He is known in the Netherlands as a positivity guru, used to yell TJAKKAAAA a lot).
The organic chips are a favorite among visitors of Arnhem Center and often enough you have to wait in line. Since it’s also sort of a meeting point that is not a problem at all.

Budget meal

It’s also a great place to get a budget meal in Arnhem. A small portion of fries (Smurf) costs €1,69, medium portion €2,09 (Dworf) and a big portion (Giant) costs €2,49. Adding sauce costs about €50ct extra. The topping choice vary from just normal (but tasty) mayonnaise to hot sauce. My favorites are “patatje/chips speciaal” (mayo, curry sauce and unions) or a “patatje/chips oorlog” (mayo and peanut butter sauce and unions).

French fries, a popular dish.

Since french fries is quite a popular dish in The Netherlands you can get them at many places. Go to any kebab shop and they will sell fruits, even Chinese restaurants sell them sometimes. Not to mention the many shops that sell the fries as their main product. What place do you go to in Arnhem when you crave some French fries?

Frites Atelier Facebook page.
Haphoek Facebook pace. (seriously needs an update!)

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Wow that sounds both scary and like something I’d like to be a part of. Either way, “French Fries War in Arnhem” makes for a great title.

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