Fairytale festival in Arnhem

Fairytale festival in Arnhem


Magical holiday fun

Every year in the October half-term, there is a sprinkling of magic around Arnhem in the form of the Sprookjes Festival. This special event is a gift to parents with kids to entertain in the school holidays, particularly as most events are either free or very cost-friendly.

Kabouters in the park

The beautiful Sonsbeek park, just a very short walk from the center of Arnhem, hosts many of the activities associated with the festival. The ‘Kaboutertuin’ is always one of the main attractions as it transforms the Steile Tuin in Sonsbeekinto a spectacle of wonder and magic for children of all ages.

The intricately-designed and executed ‘houses’ where the klabouters live are treated to behold for big and little people. Alongside this are usually face-painting, bouncy castle fun, craft materials, storytelling, and good old poffertjes to warm the fingers. Indeed, the cold weather this year has been an advantage as the queues were manageable!

Arnhem with a sprinkling of fairy dust

Thanks to the festival, the rest of the city is teaming with shows, music, food, film, workshops, dance and expositions. It is a great way of exploring the city and coaxing out your playful spirit. Whilst the event is aimed at children up to early teens, the real treats for me, with toddlers in tow, have been the events designed with young audiences. Rarely can there be so many shows or activities to choose from which would engage and enthrall such a young age.

This year the beautiful weather has been an advantage, but there were many shows throughout the week undercover in places such as in the library. The variation and spacing out of venues in all different quarters of Arnhem is another way the overall event has reached a wider audience and encourages people to explore the city.

Same time next year

Every year there seems to be more and more chatter about this popular event. Ifor one, am putting Sprookjes Festival 2017 in the diary for sure. Relaxed fun and jolliness with a sprinkling of fairy dust and magic vibes? Yes, please.

For further information see: http://www.sprookjesfestival.nl

This blog was written by Sophie Hopkins. She’s a mum of two toddlers and is working on setting up her own blog!

Every year in the October half-term, there is a sprinkling of magic around
Arnhem in the form of the Sprookjes Festival. You can read all about it on this blog

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