Tour de France in Arnhem

Tour de France in Arnhem

Tour de France Arnhem

Bonjour Les Amis (read this in a French accent)

It iz thiz time of year again, when ze whole world watches hours, and hours of télévision to see fit, thin men cycle zru la France! Juliet ze 2nd, ze Tour de France will start in Mont-Saint-Michel and after 188 km the 1st stage of the tour will end at Utah Beach/Sainte-Marie-du-Mont: one of ze beaches chosen on the 6th of June 1944 for the D-Day Landing operations. At Juliet 24th the winner will cross the finish line in Paris at the Champs-Élysées.

Us at ArnhemLife think it is very possible to adopt the French way of life during the Tour de france without actually having to leave Arnhem! We are now only hours away from the start of the Tour de France, it leaves just enough time to do some shopping.

Find French Wine In Arnhem

Yes, France has beautiful nature, and an amazing coastline. But… let’s be honest, you like France the most because it also stands for unlimited wine drinking and cheese eating! Am I right?
In Arnhem there are a few shops you can get good quality French products. Grab your “Top 75 French Wines to Try Before You Quit Drinking” list and head to the nearest liquor store.

Liquor Stores

Wijnhandel Barrique
My go-to liquor store is Wijnhandel Barrique, but this is only because it is so conveniently close to my home ;). Next to a nice selection of wines, you can find a variety of whiskey, rum, vodka and tequila. The store is located in the middle of Arnhem Center in Pauwstraat number 9.

Yves Boode
You will find Yves Boode at the cozy Steenstraat since 1985 in Arnhem. Like many fellow shopkeepers in this street they are specialists. Go to the store when you are looking for wine, whiskey and better distilled beverages.

Wine Museum Arnhem
Did you know Arnhem has a wine museum? Well, now you do! In the Dutch Wine Museum in Arnhem, the wine culture and wine history comes to to life. Visit this unique museum, an experience for anyone who wants to know more about the history and future of wine. In the authentic wine cellar you will discover more about the fascinating world of wine. Whether you are a wine expert or enthusiast, everyone is welcome to visit this unique museum. After a visit to the wine museum you can reminisce as our wine bar ‘Le Jardin ‘ with a glass of wine. Discover, taste and enjoy!

Liquor Stores

Henri Bloem
At the Amsterdamseweg 126 you will find a large variety of wines, and their webshop makes it really easy to order your favorite brands online.The store chain has been around in The Netherlands since 1833, can you imagine how much wine knowledge is passed on since than!! So when you need a specific kind of wine, this is the place to go to.

Van Pernis
This must be one of the oldest shops in Arnhem. Van Pernis has its origins since 1898 as a beer bottling plant and a liquor store in the Driekoningendwarsstraat in Arnhem .The locaties of the shop today is at Prinsessestraat 41. The shop specialises in beers, so beer lovers can also join in and get a taste (!) of France. This list of French beers should get you started.

Wijnhuis Sonsbeek
Actually… the same can be said about Wijnhuis Sonsbeek. They have the widest range of the region. Of medal winning wines to whiskeys of over 30 years old. Cognac, sherry, liqueurs, vodka and many different beers. A staff with exceptional knowledge will be happy to assist you. In addition, they are absolutely the cheapest liquor store in Arnhem. (So it says on their website).

Find French Cheese In Arnhem

In Arnhem there are also a few speciality shops where you can buy cheeses, other dairy related products, meats and eggs.

Van Dee has a wide range of Dutch and foreign cheeses, meats and freshly roasted nuts.But you can also buy milk from the region, a nice bottle of wine, beautiful olive oil, pasta and many more delicacies.
The location is Koningstraat number 78.

‘t Zuivelhoekje is currently working on a new website, but the shop is open! Located at the Steenstraat 72. They specialize in wines and cheeses and will be able to suggest the perfect combination!

Zuivelhoeve-arnhem has a wide range of tasty fresh produce has a wide range of tasty fresh produce. In addition to a wide range of Dutch cheeses , you can also contact us for the best foreign cheeses , fresh roasted nuts and all sorts of other goodies.

Find a Bakery In Arnhem

Of course you will need some French pastry for breakfast, best to get them at a local boulangerie! Turns out, Arnhem has a lot of them! So, instead of naming them all, I’ll post them in a list. In the map you can see where they are located. After you finished reading this post, I suggest you go and get yourself some delicious croissants or a fresh baguette for the true French experience.

Bakker Hilvers 
Address: Broerenstraat 6Bakkerij G.J. van der Meijden B.V. 
Address: Ruiterstraat 38Patisserie Christiaan
Address: Steenstraat 8Bakker Derks
Address: Koningstraat 16-EBakkerij Ten Hoopen 
Address: Steenstraat 86Bakkerij Reijnen & Zn
Lawick Van Pabststraat 133

Banketbakkerij Jansen De Koning 
Address: Van Lawick van Pabststraat 72

Bakkerij Ten Hoopen
Address: Spijkerstraat 130Bakkerij Het Grofje
Ruiterstraat 37Bakkerij Holleman
Address: Klarendalseweg 138Bakker Bart
Address: Koningstraat 10Sweet sugar hill 
Address: Klarendalseweg 376Hemels Patisserie en Espressobar 
Address: Kerkstraat 3

Learn To Speak French In Arnhem

Who would not like lean to speak French? We all know a few words, I’m sure. But to really speak the language in fluent phrases that make sense is another thing! At this website they provide French lessons in Arnhem. I think the chorus might be given in Dutch, but why not combine the two and lean both French AND Dutch at the same time! Win/win, 2 for 1… quite a good deal if you ask me… I think the teacher also really like the Tour, because Alliance Française Arnhem is not available between July 5th and July 25.

Play Petanque In Arnhem

So now you are ready for the Tour de France! You bought the wine/beer, the French cheese and the croissants, but there is a good chance that after July 24th you don’t want to see any more men cycling (better leave The Netherlands in that case!), but you do want to keep the French lifestyle. Why not dive in the beautiful world that is called “Petanque”. This game, that we in The Netherlands call “Jeu de Boules” is typical French, but lucky you, even Arnhem has a Jeu de Boules club. The club is called EJBA (Eerste/First Jeu de Boules Arnhem). The club is located at Huissensestraat number 287 (De Bakenhof). The club has a beautiful indoor and outdoor accommodation. Take a look here for the origin and rules to Petanque.

Jeu de Boules is stuck with an image of old people playing and being boring. This is too bad! I know for a fact that there is much more to the game. It actually is really fun and challenging. I used to pay Jeu de Boules when I was a child (between the age of 8 and 18) because my parents started playing and I had to tag along. I had so many grandparents, and loved all the attention (and candy) they gave me. Besides that, I actually was quite good at the game. I really liked it when we had competition days. We would play as a double- or triplet team, bring food, drinks and chairs and it truly felt like a small holiday. Meeting people, compete, practicing the game. This could be indoors at another club, at a horse riding school (nice ground to play at and not too cold during the winter) or even out in the woods.

At the moment, Jeu de Boules is changing its image in The Netherlands. This with the help of “Mooie Boules”. They know how to transfer the game into something cool, and for young people, as you can see on their Facebook page. They have a call to action on the page to join in and set it up in different cities. Who is up for a game in Arnhem? I know I am!

ArnhemLife thinks it is very possible to adopt the French way of life during the Tour de France without actually having to leave Arnhem! Read where to go and what to do in this blog.

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