Laundry Service at De Wasplaats in Arnhem

Laundry Service at De Wasplaats in Arnhem

Laundry Service at De Wasplaats in Arnhem

De Wasplaats

Since 2015, De Wasplaats is a new concept store located at the Klarendalseweg 439 in the heart of the Modekwartier in Arnhem. As you walk in, you will find all kind of unique handmade products made by people living in the neighborhood and in the surroundings, empowered by Winkeltje OOgst. Perfect if you are searching for a one of a kind gift or looking for a nice treat for yourself.

Cozy Laundry Service

Walking further in the shop, you have the laundry station where you can leave your clothes in hands of the experts meanwhile you just sit down and enjoy from a cup of coffee or tea for a very fair price, listen to some authentic vinyl records or make use of the Free Wifi to continue with your work or study. You will find your self in a very friendly and cozy environment without feeling you are leaving your responsibilities behind.

Himalayan Wash Nuts

When you leave your laundry to be washed, you will find the ‘Wasmenu” where you can select a different kind of washing products. You can choose from regular detergents to biological and the most natural option, Himalayan wash nuts; who knew you could wash your clothes with nuts?!

A very original concept that will not only give you a gratifying experience but you will also be contributing to a social cause.

Opening Hours

The opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 11:00 to17:00 only closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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*This project is sponsored by WijkWerkPalet.
Visit to have a look at the list of prices.

Content by Marianne Romero, photo’s by de Wasplaats.

Marianne Romero wrote a blog for us about De Wasplaats. The cosiest laundry service location in Arnhem!

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