Join Us For a Picnic in Arnhem

Join Us For a Picnic in Arnhem

Join us for a PICNIC in Arnhem

Upcoming ArnhemLife Picnics

ArnhemLife love to bring people together. We do this by organizing picnics in Arnhem! This summer we organize 4 picnics, and everybody is invited. To help us spread the word, we ask you to invite your friends to the picnic -even when you can’t make it- and share this blog on your timeline. In this blog we tell you where the picnics take place, the date and the time it starts.

What should you bring to the picnic?

Here are some suggestions:

-Something to sit on, like a (picnic) blanked, a cushion or a low chair.

-Something to drink, non-alcoholic or alcoholic; whatever you prefer. We do ask you to drink responsibly since we are in a public space! We do encourage people who are good in making sangria to do so, and share it with us ;).

-Something to eat, whether it is store bought or home made it does not matter. Feel free to bring your speciality! Are you good at baking a cake, making tortilla wraps, a fruit salad or sushi? We’d love to try some… Do try to avoid ‘just’ bringing crisps. Although it is easy, cheap and super delicious, it is also the easy way out. Don’t buy the crisps, you are better than this!

-Also bring a fork, spoon and knife when you need them, a few sheets of paper towels, plastic cups to drink from, some water for when you want to wash your hands and a small plastic bag for the garbage. We leave the picnic sight the way we found it. Clean, tidy and with no sign we were ever there.

-Bring a good mood, friends, family and neighbors. Together we will share, meet and create a fantastic afternoon :).
**All the picnics will start at 2pm and end at 5pm**

June 11th

Our first picnic is Saturday June 11th in Sonsbeek Park. We do this in collaboration with the international art exhibit Sonsbeek16: transACTION. The location is near artwork “De Speeltuin” by Maze de Boer. The playground is very inviting with the colourful swings, slide, and carousel. They are brought here from Jakarta. You can sign up via the Facebook event here.

June 19th

The second picnic is one of our own. Due to the bad weather conditions on April 24th we had to cancel our picnic and pick a new date: June 19th! The location is on the bank of the Rhine, at the platform near to John Frost Bridge. Such a nice spot to just sit, relax and share food, drinks and conversation with others. Sign up for the picnic here.

July 23rd

Make your way back to Sonsbeek Park on the 23rd of July for the third picnic. Another collaboration between ArnhemLife and Sonsbeek16: transACTION. You won’t be able to miss the location since it is at a very popular spot. I’m sure you already saw the big head and colorful table tennis tables made by artist Louie Cordero near Villa Sonsbeek, the deer and the entrance to the park at the Apeldoornseweg. When you bring table tennis bats and a ball, I’m up for a game! Are you too? Sign up for the picnic and invite your friends to do the same!

August 14th

August 14th marks the date for our last picnic of the season, and the last collaboration with Sonsbeek16: transACTION. This makes us sad… But we want to make this into our biggest ArnhemLife picnic yet! Come celebrate a fantastic summer with us. By know I’m sure you have all seen the artworks in Arnhem that are linked to Sonsbeek16: transACTION. Let’s discus them during the picnic! Which one do you really like, or just don’t get? The location of this last picnic is quite special. Half of it is made of aluminium, wood and dark Plexiglas, while the other has a natural backdrop along the water (the waterfall in the park). In this aluminium pavilion, you can hear the clatter of one of the Netherlands’ largest waterfalls, as the scent of the soil comes towards you. Head on over to the waterfall at Sonsbeek Park, here, near the artwork by Rob Voerman, you will find us!

So check your calendar, and come join us for a picnic!
**NOTE: WHEN THE WEATHER IS RAINY OR IT’S TOO COLD, WE WILL CANCEL THE PICNIC. Check the ArnhemLife Facebook page for updates before you go for u leave your home**

ArnhemLife love to bring people together. We do this by organizing picnics in Arnhem! This summer we organize 4 picnics, and everybody is invited.

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