6 fun activities for when it rains in Arnhem

6 fun activities for when it rains in Arnhem

5 activities for when it rains

6 activities for when it rains

Often it rains in Arnhem. Sometimes it rains so much in a few hours that streets turn into small rivers, and basements flood. This usually happens when it was quite a hot and humid day. When this is the case, thunder and lightning are never far behind.
We made a list of 6 activities for when it rains in Arnhem. When you want us to add another one, just let us know, and we’ll add it!

Go Swimming

Since you will probably get rained on on the way there, why not go swimming at our largest indoor pool “De Grote Koppel” ( address: Olympus 29)? The water is about 30 degrees and you will have access to a pool with artificial waves, a king-size slide, whirlpools and under water massage tables. You can see a price chart here.
For one time recreational swimming you pay 4,30 euro for an adult and 1,25 euro for children under the age of four y/o. ask at the desk for other options or discounts. There are also other sports available at “De Grote Koppel” such as squish and climbing. During the winter time you can even ski here!
There is loads of free parking space, but also very good accessible by bus. From Arnhem CS, take bus, 2, 4, 7 or 331. It takes only about 10 minutes to get there. Get off the bus at bus stop “De Grote Koppel”. Ask the bus driver if he stops at this stop upon entry to be sure.

Go to Rozet

Rozet (Address: Kortestraat 16) is best described as a place where people can discover, relax, meet, expand and develop. On the 2nd and 3rd floor you can find the Cities main library. When you walk into Rozet, I’m sure the stare case will make you say ‘wow’.
Besides the library, it is also the location of the Kunstbedrijf (the Art Company) the Kunstuitleen ToArt (ToArt Art leasing), the Volksuniversiteit Arnhem (Arnhem Community College) and the Erfgoedcentrum (Heritage Centre). Go and see what the building has to offer.

Start on your left and go down the stairs to the Heritage Center, then, take the stairs one flight up. You can find an (English) book and just find a seat. When you have a membership card you can check books out, when you don’t, you have to stay inside the library. When you get to the top of the 1st flight of stair you’ll find many newspapers and magazines from all over the world. There is also free WIFI available and you can get a coffee or tea (not free). Make sure you also go up the 2nd flight of stairs for a nice view of Arnhem.
When you get hungry form all the stairs, reading and working you can get something to eat at Momento. It is located at the ground floor.

Find an Escape Room

In Arnhem we have 3 places where you can find an Escape Room.

Clocked-up is located at the Hommelseweg 27. They have 2 rooms to choose from: Doing Time and The New World. They are working on a 3rd one called Not Alone. The prices vary between 15 euro pp for 6 people to 35 euro pp for 2 people. Take a look here for the prices and to make a booking. The duration of one room is 2 hours.

Arnhem Escape Room has 2 rooms available: Hotel Preparation and S.O.S. Save Our Safe. The minimum prize is 70 euro, and I think this will be divided between 2 to 6 persons (does not say clear). The duration is 1 hours and the location is L.J. Costerstraat 5. They are open in the evening during the week and the whole day at the weekend.

Escape Room Vrijland Arnhem wins points for the location. It is based in an old large building at Koningsweg 31. You have the escape the building before the police comes and takes you out. The maximum prize is in the weekend for 2 persons, the minimum is during the week. 8 persons for 13 euro pp.

Go to the Watermuseum

Located on the edge of Sonsbeek Park (Zijpendaalseweg 26-28) you find the Water museum. This museum is very suited for children: Fun and educational! Take a look here for the opening hours and the entrée fees. . The Netherlands Water Museum in Arnhem is a modern and interactive museum that explains everything there is to know about fresh water. Not only does the museum focus on its importance for the Netherlands, but it presents the value of this precious liquid from a universal perspective.

The Netherlands Water Museum has different sections that show you the world of water:
Waterlab: children between the age of 6 and 12 are invited to do all sorts of experiments with water (only during weekends),
Water World: over fifty exhibits show you how people from all over the world use water,
Water Information Centre: a library with all the answers to your questions about water,
Water Cinema: watch films about water management and the importance of water in other parts of the world.

Museum Arnhem

More into modern art than into water? Why not visit Museum Arnhem?
(Address: Utrechtseweg 87) Not only shows the museum great pieces by Dick Ket, Carel Willink, Charley Toorop, Klaas Gubbels, Marlene Dumas, Fiona Tan, Esiri Erheriene-Essi and Zanele Muholi, the museum is also worth a visit just for the location! It shows you a great view over the river Rhine and the south of Arnhem area.
Make sure you don’t leave before having a drink and a piece of pie at the lunchroom. The entrance is at the gift shop, I especially like the art- postcards they sell.


When it does rain cats and dogs, what you can do when you don’t fear thunder, lightning and a little rain is actually go to a spot in Arnhem where there is something to see. For example at Presikhaaf Station. The tunnel underneath the bridge is pretty low, and it serves as a bowl for all the extra rain water. But noteverybody cares about that. Take a look at the bus in the video. The video went viral right after the post on May 30th ’16. Makes for a great sight seeing spot when it rains ;).

Have a Movie Marathon

As you can read in a previous blog here, Arnhem is cinema capitol of Gelderland. Pick out the cinema with the best variety of movies *to your liking* and make a plan. For some people it is not easy to sit through one film, but for others (like me) it’s not so weird to spend a day at the cinema and watch 5 movies (yes, you read that right…). At the cinema you can forget about the bad weather easily. Sit back, enjoy a drink and snack and let yourself be taken to another world.

We made a list of 6 activities for when it rains in Arnhem. When you want us to add another one, just let us know, and we’ll add it!

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