Giro d’ Italia in Arnhem. Here is a list of events in the city:

Giro d’ Italia in Arnhem. Here is a list of events in the city:

Giro Arnhem 2016

Saturday the 7th of May the 2nd stage of the Giro will start from the Markt in the heart of Arnhem at 12.25pm. They will make their way to Nijmegen in a 188km long tour.

Sunday May 8th the cyclist will come back to Arnhem via a different route. Hopefully a Dutchy, or even an “Arnhemmer”(Maarten Tjallingii) will win in Arnhem! Make sure you’ll be at the Velperbuitensingel between 3.45pm and 5pm to see the cyclists finish.

But, there is more to do than just encourage the cyclists to go faster. Here is a list of activities, Giro d’ Italia related, in Arnhem.


When you want to escape from all the excitement in town, you can go to Arnhem-West. Here in the Lombok area (Utrechtseweg) you can watch the tour from a tribune. There are also fun games and small activities for the kids. The tribune fee is 2 euros, and a part of that will go to a good cause: Ome Joops Tour.

Giro Fashion Ride

Up until the start of the Giro, you can take a look at the “Giro Fashion Ride” at the Kerkplein. This is a cycling fashion show. About 40 bikes will travel a small distance of the Giro route from the Kerkplein, through the city centre all the way to the fashion area (Modekwartier).

Mercato Congusto

You might have seen the “Mercato Congusto” near the Arnhem Central Station. This culinary fair is definitely worth a visit. Great in combination with:

Luxor Live

Enjoy live music right in front of the Pathé Cinema. There is a stage and benches to sit on. The live music starts at 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

San Marcoplein

The Korenmarkt (party place No.1) changed its name to “San Marco Squair”. The place is decorated in Italian style and you can find a small marked here. Food, drinks, music and cute market stalls.

Tour de Willemeen

If you like a bit more action, go to the youth center “Willemeen”. Here you can take a BMX-clinic. Combined with tunes by hip-hop band Klapband and rock band En Veló. When you want to give your bike a new look, that is also possible. Spray it into your favorite color. How about Giro Pink?

Giro Talkshow at Rembrandt

At “Stadsbioscoop Rembrandt” you can attend a Giro Talkshow (in Dutch). It starts at 8 pm and the entrance is free. Writer/journalist Bert Wagendorp and writer/psychologist Martijn Veltkamp will talk about the Giro and why it is so special!

Smaller events

Next, to the official bigger events, there are also a few unofficial, smaller events.
The Media Markt hosts a spinning event to collect money for the cancer foundation.
At the sports park Papendal there is a “Kids Day” and also Rozet has loads of activities that includes bikes. You can even 3D print your bike there! There are also 90 bikes that raise energy, when they create enough power there will be made contact with Rome. How cool is that!

73 meters high at the Eusebius Church

When you are not afraid of heights, you can climb (or go by lift) to the top of the Eusebius Church. Here you can enjoy Arnhem in its pink glory. The tower is open between 6 pm and 10 pm. It will cost you 7,50 euro and 1 liro to go up the 73 meters high tower. You’ll get a perfect view, a drink and a small bite in return.

ArnhemLife is curious about what you will do at this Giro weekend. Whatever it is, we hope you have a good time! Enjoy :).

Copyright: Content translated from Arnhem Direct.

After months of preparation, it is finally time for the Giro d’ Italia!

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