7 new bar and restaurants in Arnhem

7 new bar and restaurants in Arnhem

7 new bar/restaurants in Arnhem

7 new bar and restaurants in Arnhem

A lot is happening in Arnhem, the city is bursting with activities! This also means that new bars and restaurants are opening. It is hard to keep track of what is new, so to make things easy for you, we made a list of 7 new bars and restaurants.

Gewaagd Proeflokaal

Located in an historic building that dates back to 1765, Gewaagd Proeflokaal actually has a very new concept (to Arnhem). You can taste Spanish influenced food here: sandwiches called “Pinxtos/Pinchos”. They have a great selection of wine available, the staff can tell you all about it. They seem to have loads of knowledge of the many wines, so it will be easy to find the perfect wine to go with one of the many choices of Pinxtos/Pinchos. The address is Markt 38, that’s near the Eusebius Church.


Bar/restaurant Capone takes you back to Chicago in the ’30. Can you imagine that time… In 1933 the prohibition ended, so I guess people felt like having a -legal- party all the time.. ;). Capone is already known for their tasty cocktails and finger-food. So, when you have an Italian/American themed party, or are in the mood for a cocktail, cigar or Italian Peroni beer, this is the pace to be. You can find Capone at Jansplaats 52A.


Lola’s opened just a few weeks ago. This cute breakfast/lunchroom is located right across form the Arnhem CS, so when you have to wait 30 minutes for your train or bus, don’t buy your coffee at the Starbucks, but at Lola’s! Coffee is also to go, and when the sun is out you can sit on the terrace. Try to resist the delicious cakes they sell. I bet you you won’t be able… Go to the Stationsplein 13 and find out!

Vincini Arnhem

Right in the middle of Arnhem you can find Vincini Arnhem. This Italian bar/restaurant is located in the new Building 026 at the end of the Koningstraat. They don’t have a big selection of food, but that they have taste delicious! Perfect to visit after a trip to the market on Friday or Saturday, especially when the sun is out. Sit on the terrace and enjoy your cappuccino.


During the day Vannu is a lunchroom, at night a bar. Great place for vegans to have a meal, they have a nice selection of seasonal beers ánd you can order a gin tonic that holds dry gin made in Arnhem! Vannu is located at Jansplein 48, which overall is a good place when you are in need of a drink or food.


With Watt opening their doors, the Arnhem CS area is just about ready (all they need to do now is fix that freakin’ leaking Arnhem CS roof!). You can find this American street food hotspot between Pathé Cinema and Happy Italy. Fresh bagels, burgers, hotdogs and loads more of delish dishes can be found at the Oude Stationsstraat 16. I come here quite often now: I visit the cinema next door a few times a week, and when you leave the cinema, you get a coupon for a free snack plater! That is enough to lure me in ;). These coupons will expire after April 30th.

Grand café aan de Beek

For this last one, you have to walk a few minutes. Make your way to the Sonsbeek Park for ‘Grand Café aan de Beek”, located next to the Water Museum. What makes this place special is that they serve their food on platters, this makes it easy to share. That is what they are about! The luxury feel makes ‘Grand café aan de Beek’ a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion made even more special because of the beautiful Sonsbeek Park view.

These are 7 of the newest bar and restaurant editions to Arnhem. Let us know if you’ve been to one, and what you thought of it or when we missed one!

*All the photo’s are taken from the bar/restaurants Facebook pages.

These are 7 of the newest bar and restaurant editions to Arnhem. Let us know if you’ve been to one, and what you thought of it or when we missed one!

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