Brainstorm @ Fashion Quarter Mashup

Brainstorm @ Fashion Quarter Mashup


ArnhemLife @ In the Making Modekwartier Mashup

ArnhemLife went for a brainstorm session at Arnhem’s Fashion Quarter with In the Making, last Tuesday.

And brainstorm it was.

Four entrepreneurs, with their business in Arnhem’s Fashion Quarter, where selected by In the Making. Each of these entrepreneurs had a specific question about their business. There were about 40 – 50 “brainstormers”. In the Making divided them to 4 groups. In two sessions we try to answer the question.

First session @ June

First session was to brainstorm in a completely different way, which we totally love to share with you. The idea was to pick a random word, and not think about the question at all, but just come up with associations. At first we were a little bit skeptic about it. How would this help us to solve the question? But then it came. It really helped! By totally not thinking about the question, you completely opened your mind to different ideas.

For instance, the first shop me and my group visited was June. June is an absolutely beautiful furniture store, for every one who likes furniture and specifically, children’s furniture, which you can use later on life. Their question was; how can we reach our target group, by social media in the bigger design cities in The Netherlands?

By answering this question we had the word: diary. We brainstormed the hell out of this word. We came up with; dreams, desires, girls, locks, beds, lights, you name it. By doing so we created ideas of making a game. We thought about hiding keys in the city. If some one would find it, the key would fit a locker in the store, and there would be a surprise. This would never came up when we didn’t do this brainstorm session.

Finishing some raw ideas @ okimono

After we had visited June we left our raw ideas for the next group, to hear all about their ideas at the second business. Our next stop was at Okimono’s, here you can buy the greatest design t-shirts. Okimono’s question was: How can I expand my sales by T-shirts who are shown on different television shows, without changing anything of the designs.

What a hard question was that. We learned that television has its own rules. No commercial is possible. And it is not about the amount of ambassadors Okimono has, there are plenty. Someone at our group came with an idea to reverse the question. It is not by expanding the sales of the television shows. But by using the show to get someone else interested.

Finale @ Modez

After two sessions our brainstorm time was up. We went back to Modez and let the entrepreneurs pitch their ideas. We heard about the other two cases: Mirte Engelhard’s fashion label, and a representative of fashion quarters itself.

Afterwards we got a great impression of questions that are living in Arnhem’s Fashion Quarters represented by Carolien Evers. And of course there was time for some drinks. It was a great night! Thank you In the Making for organizing, next time we hope to join your event again.

Who were there

Brainstorming night @ Fashion Quarter with In the Making was about getting to know other businesses, brainstorming, associating and getting inspired. It was about learning business questions of entrepreneurs in the quarter itself.

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