Exciting things are on the way for ArnhemLife!

Exciting things are on the way for ArnhemLife!

ArnhemLife photoshoot

Currently, we are working hard to get our new website up and running, and we’d like to share some of the progress with you.


Yesterday we had our 1st photoshoot, location Station Arnhem Central. We want to add a personal touch to the website and introduce ourselves to ArnhemLife.com visitors. Here are a few pics that didn’t make the cut. You might understand that photographer Jan van Prooije did not have an easy time with us, but he did manage to get a few good photos. Quite an achievement!

ArnhemLife photo shoot

ArnhemLife photo shoot

ArnhemLife photo shoot

ArnhemLife photo shoot

*Photo’s of the ArnhemLife Team taken by Jan van Prooije*


We want to offer products that have a connection to Arnhem in our webshop like things that have been made in Arnhem, or are about Arnhem: This could be anything! Fashion, jewelry, books, beer, art, toys… This city is full of people who create beautiful things and we would like to offer them an extra platform to present their things. Interested in working together? Let us know at arnhemlife@gmail.com


We are working on putting together a few guided city tours, for individuals and groups. We will offer them in English and Dutch and we’re really excited to see the response to the “SURPRISE TOUR” option.

New ArnhemLife page

New ArnhemLife page

ArnhemLife home

ArnhemLife home

Event Calendar

On our website, you can already find an event calendar. We try to keep up with all the fun activities in Arnhem, but this is not easy! We are looking for a volunteer who would like to keep the calendar up to date. This would take up about 30 minutes to an hour a day.  Sounds like a job for you? Contact us for further details at arnhemlife@gmail.com.

What are we looking for?

-People who want to promote their products on our webshop.

-Someone who keeps the event calendar up to date.

-Companies that want to advertise on ArnhemLife.com

-Companies that want to donate to ArnhemLife and help promote the city of Arnhem

Enthusiastic bloggers! Did you visit a nice exhibit, have dinner at a new restaurant, or want to share your story of what it is like to live in Arnhem as an expat? Send us your blog! –Must be in English, a minimum of 300 words and include 4 photos.

But that is not all! We will add segments as “Airbnb of the month” And “Photo of the Month”. We are talking to multiple parties about some creative ideas, all very exciting stuff!

AirBnB of the month

Airbnb of the month

In 3 weeks we will launch the new website, we can’t wait to promote the hell out of it and hear what you think about the site.

Greetings from the ArnhemLife team.

ArnhemLife is also offering the following Tours: 

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