“Fruit & Veggies For All” prevents food waste

“Fruit & Veggies For All” prevents food waste in Arnhem

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“Fruit & Veggies for all” is a citizen initiative that helps prevent food waste. The group started in 2013 and is run by volunteers. Food waste is a serious issue, every year 2,4 milliard euro is tossed in the bin, while the food is still good for us! Such a shame…

Every Monday, Friday and Saturday, volunteers help to collect fruit and veggies at the end of the market near the Eusebius Church. The market men select all the fruit & veggies that they don’t consider to be sales worthy anymore and are collected by the volunteers. They take them to a warehouse nearby and check and sort them. The fruit & veggies may have a brown spot but 80% of the product is still good for consumption. (The trick is to cut the brown part off with a knife at home and you are good to go!).

Volunteers help every month.

The volunteers must help at least ones every month to be able to get a crate of fruit & veggies weekly. So helping ones a month gets you free food every week! (almost, it costs 50 ct for a crate).
The 50 cents is used to buy gloves, trash bags, and aluminum foil. Nex,t to the fruit & veggies, you can also get fish in your crate and order organic bread (the organic bread costs an additional 50ct per bread).

Volunteers needed!

“Fruit & Veggies for all” is always looking for volunteers, so if you are low on cash, and want to do some volunteer work once in a while, go to the Fruit & Veggies for all FB page, and sign up today! Perfect for students and expats in Arnhem!

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